Yoolia 7


Minneapoli US   Feb 2011

Artist Bio

Influences:   Trash, Movies, Tom Waits, Prince, Dolly Parton, Beyoncé, Stevie Wonder, The Gospel at Colonus, Irving Berlin, Kate Bush, Lou and Peter Berryman, Rogers and Hammerstein, Gilbert and Sullivan, Captain and Tennille, Robyn, Peaches, the Dixie Chicks, and all y'all fawmin up a storm.

Well, Darn. It's the End of February.

So I'm dumping all these lyrics I worked on through out the month and pushing the demo publishing off into march.

It's been so fun to hear everyone's songs and I'm gonna keep listening as I get my demos up ----hopefully in a timely manner.

And also, no need to thank me for any comments I make.Y'all are so sweet and polite here! 'pay it forward' as another farmer said, (i'm sorry I don't remember who said it, but you're rad!) Go listen to someone else's song and comment on theirs if you feel like you need to do something 😀

Gonna be around in March, hopefully more than February if anyone wants to collaborate on anything.

Love love love all this Fawmishness.


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  • @zecoop  Apr 5

    Haha.... sounds fun! Let me know. 😀

  • @zecoop  Mar 14

    I can always update the demo on the Yacht song, if you did happen to record something. Just saying. 😉

  • @zecoop  Mar 14

    Haha... so glad you liked Yacht!! I don't hate it, it just was kinda meh to me. I like the concept and I still love those two keyboards, which i used for other songs. I was hoping some folks would go for it, but no one bit. Holly @lanasolyluna might, but it will no longer be yacht rock if she does, lol. Let me know if you do anything! Thanks for listening. 😀

  • @vomvorton  Mar 8

    Seconding what @nancyrost said! I'm hoping to hear some March music from you!

  • @nancyrost  Mar 5

    Let me know when you start demoing stuff; I want to hear!

  • @rwc Feb 17

    Thanks for your comments on “Temporary” and “Treading Water”, and for the encouraging message you left on my soundboard!

  • @rickcannon Feb 17

    Thanks for the comment! The video can be found here: https://archive.org/details/Halloween... . I usually grab clips from there or just look for very old educational films.

  • @faststrings Feb 14

    Hey Yoolia, thanks for the comment on my song I appreciate it.

  • @powerstars Feb 11

    Hello! It looks like we're paired up for the random collaboration. I'm open to doing either lyrics or music so please let me know if you have a
    preference. 😀

  • @tcelliott  Feb 11

    Saw you posting in the forums. I hope, if time allows, you'll be writing as well. If not, it's still great to have you.

  • @timfatchen  Feb 11

    Yoolia: not hearing on firefox, go here for the explanation and how-to: https://fawm.org/forums/topic/8969/ (I was the same)

  • @nancyrost  Feb 11

    Yay, you're back!

  • @nuj4x Jan 26

  • @klaus  Jan 12

    Hi Yoolia. Thanks for the comment. If you're using Firefox the demos won't play. It's a common problem with the site. Please hit the "Download MP3" button in the Fawm Player and the demo will play. Or try using Chrome.

    And Happy Christmas! 😀