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59718 US   Jan 2018  

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Influences:   friends and family, experiences, life's ups and downs, music from before i existed and the time machine effect it has on me, hip hop, stuff like blockhead, bonobo, emancipator, pretty lights, ill.gates, bassnectar, the class of 808 and everyone i've ever encountered on this journey.

my name is "nintendeaux" (like the video game system)

i'm an mpc head, producer, teacher, mixing and mastering engineer and full time musician.

I've made music my entire life, but my instrument of choice is the sampler, and i will most likely create all of these beats on my MPC and mix them down in my computer.

I work pretty fast so my goal is to create as many "finished" tracks as i can this year. i don't mind imperfections, and none of these tunes will be perfect. i consider my music to be more of a snapshot of a moment in time in my life that i get to share with people who come to my shows or listen to it.

2019 is my second fawm, but i'm hooked for life thanks to @spiderhound1 😉

happy fawm! come say hello <3

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