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Influences:   Electricity. Alternating Current. Sound and Electrical Waves. Coils. Electrocardiograms. Burnt toast.

I enjoy steampunk, high voltages, and wireless transmission of large amounts of power. I miss HAARP (google it!). I miss a sane world. I will write weird things about this world. Some of them may be listenable...

Let sound emanate from your speakers; I will cause oscillations.

FAWM 2020 - Big project is coming this year. I will maybe say more later... maybe not?

I hope all of you fawmers, old and new alike, have a great time!

I also have other fawm accounts that I am feeding songs to. Find me at:
@roy and @teslator for more "electronic" offerings.

Also, I am up for collaborations of all kinds, if possible, ... oh and look for me in some of the forum challenges as well....

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