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Lake Stevens US   Jan 2017

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Influences:   John Mayer, Gabe Bondoc, Matt Nathanson, The Workday Release

Lucky number three! Third year doing FAWM, last year I was able to pump out 11. Still chasing that illusive 1-4.

Most songs I write are love songs in some way,shape, or form. So hopefully people like to hear a topic that has been done to death already 😀


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  • @elsahay  Mar 21

    I'm organizing a FAWM concert in Seattle on May 5. Let me know if you are interested in participating. More info at

  • @fionna  Feb 4

    Thanks for the comment!

  • @rbarreda Feb 3

    Hi Nick. thanks for writing on my profile wall. As to whether I'm going to be writing songs this year... man, I hope so but the dynamic in my house makes it very difficult. Wife, kids, pets, cars outside, appliances inside. Doesn't make for the most creative of environments for me.

    I've got a few brewing though so hopefully I can get something down before the end of the month.

  • @rbarreda Feb 2

    Hey Nick! I just listened to your song Sick In Bed and I thought, "Man, that is a really cool groove. Sounds so familiar." And under your influences it hit me. Gabe Bondoc!!!

    I'm a fan of his as well.

    Really lookin' forward to hearing what else you're able to pull out of this February.


  • @ralphhogaboom Feb 1


  • @nuj4x Jan 24