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Baltimore USA   Jan 2010  

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Influences:   Beatles, Costello, Nick Lowe, The Band, Buck Owens, Hank Sr. John Hiatt, Pete Townshend, Dylan, Joe Ely, Blue Rodeo, Paul Weller, Gram Parsons, XTC, etc. etc. Pretty much if it's poppy or rootsy and rocks...

Guitarist/Bassist. Been writing and playing for 35+ years. Yeah, I know, it doesn't sound like it... As anyone who's listened to my stuff before knows, I can't sing my way out of a paper bag, but, conversely I'm all I've got to present the songs, so...

2016: As in the past few, not sure how active I'll be this year. Had finally assembled the makings of an originals band late last year, so expected to be writing like crazy. Then that fell apart over a weekend and an e-mail, as they all do. So, I, once again, have no real outlet/reason to write. But I have secured a couple of singers in the meantime, to put real voice to some of my previous stuff. It's at the very nascent stage (nothing recorded yet), so not sure how that will go. If well, then I'll be writing as I'll have hopes of being able to at least present finished versions eventually. (Not within FAWM, of course. Y'all still get stuck with my off-key warblings.) So, I'll be playing it by ear. And with my ears, that's still a very dangerous thing to do!

Regarding comments/criticism - YES PLEASE??? No need to sugar coat your comments. I would like brutal analysis of what I did - right or wrong. You won't hurt my feelings. Comment about any aspect EXCEPT the vocals - it's the best I can do without someone else to sing 'em.

If anyone would like to hear what some of my older things sound like (on the one occasion that I've corralled a good singer to record a few for me), then go here:
Older FAWM demos (with me singing - sorry) at the soundcloud link above.

On with the tuneage.

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  • @rickamorphis  Feb 12

    Hi Nick! Thanks for the kind words on my song (and yes, I'm a big Tommy Keene listener)...I'm finding it's a bit of a creative struggle this year but trying to push through. How about you? C'mon, we could use some rock around here. 😀

  • @jcuempire  Feb 7

    Thanks for the nice comments. I appreciate it. Where’s yours?

  • @nuj4x Jan 30