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Toronto Canada   Jun 2008  

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Influences:   Stravinsky, L. Boulanger, Chopin, Biosphere/Geir Jenssen, Borknagar, Opeth, Emperor, Lustmord, Scriabin, Zimmer, Kondo, Rachmaninoff, Debussy, Alkan, James Newton Howard, Danny Elfman, Howard Shore, Quietus, Jake Kaufman, Herbie Hancock, Larry Graham, Tower of Power, the NES, too many more to list...

Hi, I'm Nick Perrin. If I count correctly, I think FAWM Feb 2015 is my 12th FAWM (including 50/90 FAWMs)! My passion in life to create music; it is also my pursued career. FAWM is amazing every time, and looking back at previous years participating in FAWM has been like a catalog of musical development.

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