Negasi 12


CA   Jan 2010

Artist Bio

Influences:   David Bowie, Electric Light Orchestra, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Paramore, Leonard Cohen, Supertramp, 60's, 70's, Eminem, The Boss

Update: Am writing a concept album within my other songs. They will be numbered 1 through whatever. 😀 The TITLE of the concept album is "Untold Stories of Goblins"

If you want to use any of my lyrics, feel free! Go ahead and just snatch them up! 😁

Also wtf? I started in 2010, have I really been doing FAWM this long? WHEN DID I GET OLD?!


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  • @quillwraith  Feb 28

    'Tis up! I've also added some commentary to the liner notes.

  • @quillwraith  Feb 26

    Update: I've got a demo together for Myramar. It's still a bit rough due to late FAWM time constraints, but if you add me as a collaborator on the song I'll upload it this evening

  • @quillwraith  Feb 22

    I like the idea of the Myramar anthem!
    Will definitely give setting it to music a try, though not sure if my attempt will pan out.
    I’m consulting my associates who have some expertise in goblin musical traditions, but as the songwriter, any thoughts on how it ought to sound?

  • @aesthetic72  Feb 22

    Oh I thanked you twice! Meant it both times!

  • @aesthetic72  Feb 22

    Thanks for your kind comment on Ain’t Gonna!

  • @gslade Feb 10

    Right on brother... Keep the juices flowing.. Also, if you haven't, check my Spotify album, it's under G Slade and it's called "Dadbod Saves the World" .. It's not as heavy as the stuff I'm doing now, but I was learning how to rock after years of rap.

  • @aesthetic72  Feb 9

    Thanks for the lovely comments on Ain’t Gonna

  • @gslade Feb 7

    My watch list was royally screwed up, and I just added you back. Geez. I'll catch up on your songs.

  • @aesthetic72  Feb 3

    Thanks for your comment on Dreamcycle! I’m not really a gamer but I’m glad you enjoyed it. It was really all kristian’s doing. I just sent him a single melody line. 😀

  • @johncrossman  Feb 2


  • @sapient  Jan 21

    Negasi! How you doing fella? 😃

  • @tsunamidaily  Jan 14

    have the best FAWM this year!