Ned Greenough 14


Syracuse US   Jan 2019

Artist Bio

Influences:   Genesis, Kate Bush, Steven Wilson, Kansas, Yes, The Beatles, Porcupine Tree, Jethro Tull, Spock's Beard, The Doors, The Who, and R.E.M.

Ned Greenough is a 21-year-old American keyboardist, vocalist, audio engineer, and producer from Syracuse, NY. This is his third year doing FAWM, having done the following previously:

FAWM 2019 - A Story of Excalibur: Part I
FAWM 2020 - A Story of Excalibur: Part II

(Listen to those here! )

This year, he will be doing something new, titled "SCP: The Foundation" which will focus on more experimental production and storytelling, based on various SCP anomalies.