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Influences:   R.E.M., The Beatles, David Gray, Guster, The Everly Brothers, Wilco, Erik Satie, Coldplay, Incubus, Oasis, Miles Davis, Genesis, Dave Matthews Band, Elis Regina, David Bowie, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin

So excited to give FAWM another go! The community, the challenges, and the creative energy of FAWM really nourish my heart and soul.

I'm looking to do more collaborating this year! If anyone would like to collab please do not hesitate to reach out and I will give myself a gentle nudge to reach out to collab as well.

What a gift to have the space of FAWM to let the creative impulse run wild! Here's to a spectacular 2020 😀


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  • @ustaknow 1 week

    I didn't know there was anyone that talented in Boston 😀

    Your audio, for that context sounded as good as it can. What was it, just the Laptop, Desktop, or other, or had a nice USB cam/mic, etc. It had reasonable presence, no spikes/distortions, or drop outs (sans the internet warbles).

    Anyway, - good fun!

    I'll have to have a look at your work above now, as I can.

  • @munna123 6 weeks

    Nice one this is really awesome I like it very much.

  • @jamkar  6 weeks


  • @sbs2018 6 weeks

    Thanks for letting me know my story inspired you in some way. I try not to bore people with it too much but those who have been there get it. I did write/publish my story in “Myths of the Fatherless.” My dad is gone now and I’m so thankful I had that time with him. I may have to update that book now. Wishing you the best!

  • @judypie  6 weeks

    Sent you some unsolicited emailzzzz

  • @balk 6 weeks

    Woah, thanks man! I'm beyond flattered, and glad you enjoyed God Ceremony 😁 Much love <3

  • @billwhite51 7 weeks

    "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park"he first song I heard by him also. I think it was on a television variety show in the early sixties.. I became an instant fan. glad you like him too.

  • @judypie  7 weeks

    Sweeet! I will see if anything pops up I think you might like.. or send me anything 😀

  • @nahlej381  7 weeks

    Thx for listening that's a group I'm in with a friend of mine, kind of a parody group. Thx again

  • @judypie  7 weeks

    Haha, I’ve stopped even draping a veil over my innuendo in songs now😂

  • @kristi  7 weeks

    Hello! Thanks for your kind words on "Bridges". Another FAWMer had also expressed interest in that lyric (on my Soundboard page) but if you don’t mind more than one version, I’d be happy to hear what you come up with!

  • @scubed  7 weeks

    Thanks so much for your lovely comments! 😊

  • @lyandthemaster 7 weeks

    Your comment made my day. Thank you for this kindness, it was exactly what I was talking about in my lyrics. some places we don't match, and some other places, like here, we just feel right at home.

  • @feralrabbit 7 weeks

    Thanks for your comment on "In the Land of Oz"! I appreciate it!

  • @engebretsen  7 weeks

    Thx a lot for comments on "Guilty Pleasure" !!!

  • @slawbleu  7 weeks

    Thanks so much for the kind comment on "Sundazzle"! I will check out some of yours as well.

  • @srcoops  8 weeks

    Sorry, I was asleep at the switch. Glad to have you do Dancing

  • @wobbiewobbit  8 weeks

    thanks 😀 that is so lovely to hear

  • @hjwmg2 8 weeks

    Hey! Another year, another familiar face! Keep up your awesome songs. I've genuinely loved them all so far.

  • @sheslin 8 weeks

    Thank you for your kind words as well Nate! I really enjoy your music and it is nice to hear and learn from your songs again!

  • @rowankingsbury 8 weeks

    Thank you for the perpetuated back and forth! I’m glad that you comment on my songs and I comment on yours, because your songs are so good and it’s nice to hear feedback from someone who’s talented!

  • @colgoo 8 weeks

    Yes....let’s at least meet at the FAWM-over party in March! There’ll be details on the forum. We have so many awesome FAWMers in the area.

    Also, I am always up for playing a board game with you!!!!

  • @balancelost  Feb 1

    Song DO want to be written. I think our own whatever-it-is stops that from happening but that's why FAWM is great. It forces us to throw caution to the wind and just let it flow

  • @srcoops  Feb 1

    I'd be happy to have you work with Dancing.

  • @timfatchen  Feb 1

    Thanks for the comment on Prismatic. Life and energy, it's a bit more desperation at present cos I'm nto going to have much time this Feb. Scramble to write and lsiten and reply!

  • @mfasize Jan 31

    alrite bro yeah would like to colb love the guitar in that depression song on the into so nice i think the voice is abit different so it b kind of intresting to see

  • @coolparadiso  Jan 30

    the nose flute player is in the ukulele orchestra of great Britain.

  • @metalfoot  Jan 29


    Good to see you Nate!