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Wisconsin US   Jan 2006  

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Back for my 16th FAWM! Pianist, singer-songwriter, collaborator, experimenter. She/her.

I'm a piano teacher, currently online only. (New student inquiries welcome. Specialties include working with adults and non-traditional learners, applied theory, and jazz harmony.)

For FAWM 2021, I want to focus on the bones of words and composition. Arrangements and production can grow from those beyond February.

I definitely want to do some co-writes. And some four-track collabs.

Last year @standup and I recorded in a nice pro studio and released the Violet Cusp EP. "Rost, a singer-pianist based in Madison, WI and Agner, a singer and bassist in Washington, D.C. have been co-writing long distance since 2008. Their songs, expansive and energetic, span the genre gamut."


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  • @cts 14 mins

    ...good. πŸ˜€

  • @cts 1 hour

    Question for you: you like getting stuff in the mail?

  • @kiffa 6 hours

    "I remember you from the Auto-Pseudo-Mondo days!"
    And I you! You wrote the lyrics for that, correct?
    Thanks for the note and have a great FAWM!

  • @carleybaer  11 hours

    Hello! Happy FAWMing πŸ˜€

  • @fiftydegrees  1 day

    Happy sweet FAWM #16, fellow fawmster!

  • @ericdistad  1 day

    Yay FAWM! Good to see you back once again Nancy! Have a great FAWM!

  • @standup  1 day

    Hello there, let’s kick some cans around but not down the road

  • @gammafied 2 days

    Hey there, fellow GRC person! Happy FAWM!

  • @cynthiawolff 3 days

    Hiya Nancy...I’m be listening for you..

  • @phylo  4 days

    Hi Nancy, Even though there's limited time, I hope that we can make magic again ala "Bowl Me, Baby". Happy FAWM!

  • @tamsnumber4  5 days

    Hi Nancy!! Happy FAWMing!!

  • @pifie 5 days

    Hi Nancy!!! We never collabed, but we ... could? Maybe? I'm not making any promises, but whatever feels out of your comfort zone, I'm open to try with my guitar/bass πŸ˜€

  • @mikedebenham  5 days

    Welcome back, Nancy! I've forgotten the Class of 2006 secret handshake - must be entering my FAWM dotage.

  • @aesthetic72  1 week

    Hi Nancy! Happy FAWM!

  • @postcardhelicopters  1 week

    Here's to Year 16, Nancy! It still seems like just yesterday.

  • @johncrossman  1 week

    Nancy "focused on the bones" Rost. I like it already.

  • @srcoops 2 weeks

    The virus tried to get me but I'm back and hope to include some work with you.