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14120 US   Feb 2013  

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Influences:   Early Genesis, King Crimson, ELP, Yes, Radiohead, U2, Muse

Other music I'm into but not so much influences: Steven Wilson, Haken

I am primarily a pianist, but have focused more on guitar and bass in recent years. I've played keyboards in a Genesis Tribute band and in an original prog rock band.

I went to school for sound recording technology, music composition, and piano performance.

I have been writing and recording my own material for, well, forever, but I only consider a small percentage of the work worthy enough to share. The rest I consider part of my ongoing education.

My work can be measured and mathematical, but not without emotion. Although recently it seems to be more textural. I enjoy astronomy and physics, and this comes through sometimes in the music and lyrics.

2019 approach is to not give up on so many ideas. Try to work them til the end. Or know when to cut them loose very early on.

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