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Hello, thank you for stopping by.
Wishing everyone a very happy and productive Winter.

Thank you so much to everyone who is listening to my music, reading my lyrics, sharing your thoughts and ideas. I'm very grateful to you for your comments, suggestions and sharing your thoughts. I appreciate your sharing with me your experience and your perception of what you hear / feel about my entries.

I love collaborating. Please let me know before you decide to add your lyrics/vocals, in case I already have my submission as an agreed collaboration. Let's discuss what each of us is happy with. I believe communication is the key.
Please listen to my music and collaborations on Bandcamp if you would like to have some ideas of my style and the way I record my music and please feel free to get in touch if you would like to create something together.

A little bit of negativity:
I don't play to a click track
My tempo is not strict
I don't work with midi files
I can't use headphones for adding to the recorded music due to my setup and other reasons.

For collaborations to work out please see if you are happy to go with my piano/instrumental track and add your instrument/s, vocals, lyrics.

On a positive side, I had many amazing collaborations so starting from my piece and adding other parts works beautifully when it is okay for my collaborators to go with my music as a starting point.
Please listen to some of the links. There are many more but just to give you an idea:
Two versions of my collaboration in one video:

If you are interested in seeing my scores here are the links:


Songs (31)

#1 Dark Lullaby 25
Feb 1
#2 A Song Of Drifting Clouds 18
Feb 3
#3 What do clouds tell us? 10
Feb 4
#4 Sad Song of Clouds 5
Feb 5
#5 Winter Clouds 8
Feb 5
#6 Chase Your Dreams 10
Feb 6
#7 Dancing with Sorrow 11
Feb 6
#8 'Miracles Happen' 9
Feb 7
#9 Valentine Snow 17
Feb 7
#10 You are my Valentine 9
Feb 9
#11 Music based on the movie title "Apt Pupil" 5
Feb 9
#12 Each person is dear 4
Feb 11
#13 All My Troubles @gammafied 7
Feb 12
#14 Sandcastles in the sky 18
Feb 13
#15 Share Your Love Today 23
Feb 14
#16 Winter Waltz @ianuarius  12
Feb 16
#17 Castle in the Sky @chrismyth02 21
Feb 17
#18 'Enchanted Mermaid' Updated Demp 16/03 @sheilerk  11
Feb 17
#19 Ready Steady Go 13
Feb 18
#20 Reflections 10
8 weeks
#21 You Treat Me Like A King 16
8 weeks
#22 Wait For Tomorrow @chrismyth02 8
7 weeks
#23 Life Is Full Of Questions @jamkar  7
7 weeks
#24 Grey Sea 12
7 weeks
#25 Unreachable @dawnsoap 5
7 weeks
#26 Autumn Slowly Enters @didib 5
7 weeks
#27 A Hymn To Hope 2
7 weeks
#28 Play Me a Heartache @kristi  5
7 weeks
#29 My Little Star @cts  4
7 weeks
#30 Our Romantic Dance 8
7 weeks
#31 HOPEFUL @cts  8
7 weeks


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  • @cts  1 week

    Sounds good and you know without a doubt we will compose more music together. I hope to be around for 50/90; we'll see. I have a lot of things going on around me and it may be that I might not have the time for that. All the best to you and thank you for supporting me over the years. It's a friendship I do cherish.

  • @cts  1 week

    Of course, hon. It's a wonderful song and I think people should hear it.

  • @cts  1 week

    Just curious - were you aware that I overdubbed that line you said sounded like a click? It's in our shared folder. I think it's been more than 3 weeks. I'm just checking to make sure you knew it was there so you could post it elsewhere without that click sound.

  • @natalie  1 week

    Hello, Nadia! Thanks for your comments on two of my songs. I’m glad we’ve connected, though a bit late in the game this year. Maybe there's a dreamy collab in our future next year!

  • @serene123  1 week

    Aww thank you Nadia for your comments about my song 'michael.. very much appreciated!! X

  • @berni1954  1 week

    Thanks for your very positive feedback on four of my songs. By your choice of titles, I see you lean towards "Mythical Figures". I have had a fascination with myths since reading Jung and Joseph Campbell on them.

  • @metalfoot  3 weeks

    Clio promises me she will post the demo before the FAWM site closes... I'm as anxious as you are to see what she comes up with!

  • @nadine 3 weeks

    You're right! These "pay for more follower accounts" are annoying and you can't do anything about it! But hopelessly, I don't know a better space for uploading demos yet. I only upload finished albums on Bandcamp, so it could take months or years.

  • @nadine 3 weeks

    Hey Nadia
    Thanks a lot for your comments! I'm sorry that most most my songs cannot be finished until FAWM closes its doors. Probably one will be ready until mid April but the rest somewhere during this year. My FAWM album will be 10 multi collabs with about 25 people. Not easy to plan, not easy to mix, but I'm ambitious!
    The easiest way to receive updates is to follow me on SoundCloud or Facebook but I'm promoting my non-FAWM electronic album first.

  • @katestantonsings 4 weeks

    Great! I'll email you shortly...
    I sent you an idea via SoundCloud messaging.

  • @katestantonsings 4 weeks

    I’m only sorry we didn’t meet sooner! Will you be doing the FAWM 50/90? Please stay in touch via YouTube and SoundCloud. Maybe we can do a piano track together?!

  • @katestantonsings 4 weeks

    Thank you, Nadia!! I appreciate your comments on my songs. I’m going to delve in and listen to some more of yours! Beautiful piano playing!

  • @halfwayhome  4 weeks

    It’s been brought to my attention that the @mentions in my song posts don’t actually do anything to let that person know I’ve said anything to them. So, yes, here we are, towards the end of March, but for my own vanity and sanity, I’m responding to a now 6-week old comment you kindly left for my track Waiting Here (
    "thanks for your oh so kind words. I'd like to think I could do this without needing the praise and support from the community - but actually, it's quite a vital ingredient 😀"

  • @tamsnumber4  4 weeks

    Thanks for listening to my song "Lights at Sea" and my collab song "I Can't Wait"!

  • @timfatchen  4 weeks

    You commented on @sheilerk 's "Promise Rings and Diaries". Demo is now up. (Not quite at the deathknock! Still 3 weeks before site shutdown!!!)

  • @cts  5 weeks

    It's no trouble, Nadia.

  • @cts  5 weeks

    I was right - it was the way I pronounced the word "gloom". I'll try and re-record that today.

  • @cts  5 weeks

    Yup - that's just fine! 🙂

  • @cts  5 weeks

    Hi Nadia. I made a mistake on the song title. I recorded the demo and called the song "Hopeful". Do you mind changing it before I post the lyrics? I'm still working on the demo. Nothing elaborate but I'm trying out a few ideas.

  • @vuduluv 6 weeks

    thx for the comment on She Said. i kinda like that one tho it is nothing like i usually write!

  • @kathym  6 weeks

    <3 for the thoughtful comment on You Are My Rainbow. It's one of my favorites this year. I'm glad you liked it, too!

  • @kathym  6 weeks

    I'm still catching up on sending thank you notes for your having stopped by my song "When it Snows". I am so touched by the support and comments this song has gotten. I played this at a zoom open mic even though it's not quite polished and it was well received. I will be back in touch if I get the demo up in case anyone is around to listen. Your time and support mean so much to me and I really appreciate your having taken time for me, once again. 😀

  • @kathym  6 weeks

    I'm still catching up on sending thank you notes for your having stopped by my song "When it Snows". I am so touched by the support and comments this song has gotten. I played this at a zoom open mic even though it's not quite polished and it was well received. I will be back in touch if I get the demo up in case anyone is around to listen. Your time and support mean so much to me and I really appreciate your having taken time for me, again. 😀

  • @phenola 6 weeks

    Thank you very much for the kind comments on "You're Completely Incompetent". I have become increasingly self-conscious about recording myself singing over the years, and I average only one or two sung tracks per year when I do FAWM, preferring to keep my mouth shut and do instrumentals instead. So I am glad that you seemed to enjoy this one. Thanks.

  • @mikeb 6 weeks

    Thanks for the comment on my collab with Tammy, Fades to Gray!

  • @tamsnumber4  6 weeks

    Thanks for listening to my songs "One Kiss", "Amelia" and my collab songs "Where I want you/By My Side" with crisp1 and "Fades to Gray" with mikeb, I appreciate it!!

  • @kathym  6 weeks

    Thank you for stopping by to comment on my song "Miracles". I really wanted to try to keep things positive this year. 2020 is in the rear view and I'm trying to bring all good energy into 2021. 😀

  • @kathym  6 weeks

    Thank you for your thoughtful comments on "Waltzing With Sorrow". I really did meet my ex that way, with him sitting one table closer to mine each day until he was sitting next to me. I will be revisiting my songs and appreciate each and every comment as I develop them, so your input is truly appreciated. <3

  • @kathym  6 weeks

    Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my skirmish song "I Can't Wait". I save my archive and review and consider all comments as I'm going back over my fawm songs. Many thanks to you, again and again. <3

  • @audrey  6 weeks

    Thank you for listening and giving such nice comments.

  • @wolfkier 7 weeks


  • @audrey  7 weeks

    Thank you for the kind words about my piece "And the Journey Begins". I appreciate them.

  • @ferry0123 7 weeks

    Hi Nadia, thanks for stopping by and commenting on 'Ancient times'. Glad to hear you liked it.

  • @humblecomposer 7 weeks

    Thanks Nadia. I'm pretty beat up, headaches and fatigue. Next year will be different to be sure. Congrats on a very productive FAWM.

  • @cts  7 weeks

    Yup! Now, are we using this title or the one in the shared folder?

  • @cts  7 weeks

    Actually I thought the song you had put in the shared folder was used already. My mistake. You want to add me as #32? 😀

  • @cts  7 weeks

    Congratulations on making it to 14 and beyond! I intend to be around for listening in March. I hadn't seen any activity in our folder, but if you'd like to try and work on something in March, I'm up for it.

  • @sheilerk  7 weeks

    Thanks! I just saw it.

  • @sheilerk  7 weeks

    Hi Nadia😊 I sent you an email.

  • @oswlek 7 weeks

    Hi Nadia, sorry if I wasn't clear about "Castles". I know you can't change this audio recording, I was saying that it is a strong enough project to perhaps record again, this time with the piano performance rearranged slightly in support of the vocal.

    No worries if that isn't in the cards, I was just throwing an idea out there. 😎

  • @jeff9  7 weeks

    Very kind of you to take a listen to "Just Words". Thank you for the nice comment.

    You own playing is lovely throughout all these works, btw.

  • @sheilerk  7 weeks

    Hi Nadia 😊 If you get a chance to send me the music file for enchanted mermaid I could get it on my computer so I could work on it more easily. I’d love to at least have it written before the weekend. 🧜🏻‍♀️

  • @donna  7 weeks

    Nadia, here is the link to Justin's pieces. Enjoy. 😊

  • @oswlek 7 weeks

    Thank you so much for you generous comment on "Vista", Nadia. Coming from someone who clearly knows as much about music as you, that is an honor.

    Btw, I am on FAWM and have a few other songs up. Not as many as you, and most are poorly recorded live takes, but they are there! (EDIT: Should have just scrolled down and read Donna's comment. 😀 )

    Thanks again.

  • @donna  7 weeks

    Thank you for your lovely comment on 'Vista', Nadia. 😊

    Justin has already joined FAWM. 😉

  • @bunter  7 weeks

    Hello Nadia. Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment. I appreciate it.

  • @donna  7 weeks

    Hi Nadia. You kindly asked me to let you know when the 'Vista' demo was up. Here it is. I hope you enjoy it. 😊

  • @sheilerk  7 weeks

    Thank you! I’m excited to do it. MP3 is probably best for me right now. The best email address is 😊

  • @sheilerk  7 weeks

    Thank you for visiting my song, Promises and Diaries. I got the title and idea from the random title generator. One of those little pearls you can find during fawm!

  • @gb9  7 weeks

    Thank you so much for your appreciation of 'Pushing Upward'. Delighted to know your thoughts on it 😀

  • @mrtylerlarson  8 weeks

    RE: Sleigh - Hey! thx so much for taking the time to listen and leave a comment on my track! I appreciate you! 😀

  • @sheilerk  8 weeks

    Thanks for the encouragement, Nadia. I’ve been in a bit of a funk and am just pulling out of it. You seem to be well on your way to a double win!! That’s awesome!💕✨

  • @feb21sundari 8 weeks

    Thank you for your comment

  • @didib Feb 19

    Thank you for your very kind comments on 'Cyril's Millions!' Really glad you enjoyed it. I enjoyed singing so much to your piano pieces, which I really think are out of this world 😁

  • @aneil Feb 19

    @musicsongwriter you got me I’d waste all my time writing music if I could! Bit of tongue in cheek for the days when I’m not feeling me

  • @wolfkier Feb 19


  • @gb9  Feb 19

    @musicsongwriter Thank you so much for your kind words on 'Grieve' ♥

  • @gb9  Feb 18

    Thank you so much for the appreciation and kind comment on 'Ready, Steady, Go' 😀

  • @karlsburg25  Feb 18

    Yeah those vocals were awesome. Massive well done lovely. I am very serious when i say i really would love to spend a day in your musical brain and see where all those delicious progressions come from 😉

  • @lowhum Feb 16

    hey, just read your message about the random collab - what would you like to do - lyrics or music - I'm game for either. you can reach me at or just drop me a message on my fawm wall
    Greetings, Sergey

  • @didib Feb 16

    Hi Nadia, yes I would love to collab! I love your piano playing. How do we go about it? Do I download it , put it into cubase and then add a vocal track, I guess?

  • @didib Feb 16

    Thank you for your kind comment on 'Sandcastles', I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  • @chrismyth02 Feb 16

    Hello again! Sent you an email about a potential collaboration. Let me know if you're interested!

  • @mikegtz  Feb 15

    Update: mistake is now fixed!

  • @mikegtz  Feb 15

    Nadia, I accidentally hit the abuse button while reading one of your posts and I Did Not Mean To Do That! Please excuse the mistake!! I don't know how to undo it so please please forgive me.

  • @scubed  Feb 15

    Thank you, Nadia!

  • @chrismyth02 Feb 14

    Thank you for the kind words - that song was new territory for me and I'm glad you appreciated it! I love your compositions, specifically "or is it" and "enchanted lake" - your arrangements and playing are very evocative and beautiful!

  • @blindkiwi  Feb 14

    Thank you for the lovely feedback Nadia, much appreciated 😀

  • @dawnsoap Feb 14

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments on "Fire Trucks". 😀 I hope that you're having a lovely February! Congrats on reaching 14 songs already!!! I hope to find more time for listening. Your songs are always so amazing <3

  • @richaaaay  Feb 13

    Hi Nadia, Thank you for listening to, and commenting on, my song The Avenue. It's nice to get a comment as it steers me in a direction for some exploration. I listened to a number of your songs and WOW! What beautiful piano playing. I hope to listen to more. I just posted my second song (The Rock). I took (I think) the Do Re Mi challenge. I hope I did it right. Three notes is about the limit of my vocal range so I think it helped me sing more comfortably. 😀

  • @nahlej381  Feb 12

    Thanks for listening!

  • @gm7  Feb 11

    Thx you so are 100% correct it was great story that Pat has written.

  • @wolfkier Feb 11


  • @timfatchen  Feb 11

    Hi Nadia. Life is getting in the way and I'm falling down on the listening, but thank you for your enjoyment of Taking the Wrong Road. I only wish I'd practised a bit more in January and could have done all the recorders live. Still...

  • @humblecomposer Feb 11

    Heya Nadia, so good to hear from you. I am unfortunately battling COVID, but I am enjoying listening to everyone’s work. Keep writing, and be well.

  • @bunter  Feb 10

    Hello Nadia. I hope to listen to more of your songs when I can. I always liked your piano pieces. Stay safe.

  • @wolfkier Feb 9


  • @apolez3 Feb 8

    Thanks for your comment on Blow my Mind, Baby , me too ... I hope to hear a demo

  • @scubed  Feb 6

    Nadia, thanks for your lovely comment on “Sorrow’s Waltz”!

  • @ozcompr  Feb 6

    Thanks for your feedback on Champion!

  • @dragondreams  Feb 4

    You're very welcome Nadia!
    It feels like a dam has burst for me this week. I've been locked in for almost a year, simply practising technique. It feels great to actually be creating something from all that practise. 😀

  • @dragondreams  Feb 4

    Hi Nadia. 😀
    Thank you so much. I really appreciate your lovely comment. 😀

  • @wolfkier Feb 4

    thank you again, Nadia. 😀

  • @jamkar  Feb 4


  • @ianuarius  Feb 3

    Works for me! So, how do you want to divide this? Piano, maybe a bit of guitar, lyrics, vocals... If you want to make a piano instrumental, I can totally work with that. But I'm not much of a lyricist, tho I can make some in a pinch.

  • @ianuarius  Feb 3

    Sweet. I don't really know what your preference is. I like doing gothic stuff and medieval sounds, maybe with a bit of added orchestral touch. Pleaase, let me know if you have any ideas. I would also love to do something outside my comfort zone.

  • @ianuarius  Feb 2

    Heyy! So collab time. I have like no ideas, haha, but that's not a problem. Are you by chance in the fawm slack? Bard Cards gave me "Inanimate" as prompt. So that's something. I can of course do many things. Orchestral, acoustic guitar, vocals, drums, I hope this will work out!

  • @wolfkier Feb 2

    Thank you, Nadia. 😀

  • @timfatchen  Feb 2

    Thank you for your comments on my songs to date....I know they're coming out quickly but there's urgency as I lose a lot of February. Again. Waiting for more from you...(hint,hint)

  • @cts  Feb 2

    Email is fine.

  • @cts  Feb 1

    Alright, my dear Nadia. How would you like to collaborate this year? Would you like to supply lyrics or is there some wondrous melody in your creative ear that you'd like for me to put words and vocals to?

  • @marijequerida Feb 1

    Happy Winter to you as well, Nadia!

  • @nuitarie Feb 1

    Hi Nadia! It'd be great to work with you, did you have a particular idea on the music we could collaborate on together?

  • @aneil Feb 1

    have a wonderful Fawm 2021 look foward to hearing your creativity

  • @arthurrossi Feb 1

    Hi Nadia! So nice to see you here again, particularly in dark times like these... I am looking very forward to some new magic piano tunes of yours!

  • @airbagtester  Jan 31

    Hi Nadia, hope you have a great FAWM and 2021! 😀

  • @klaus Jan 30

    Hi Nadia. Nice to see you again. Time to tune the piano for Fawm 2021. 😀

  • @karlsburg25  Jan 29

    Ah it warms my heart when i see your profile picture. I am in England all FAWM for the first time in yonks and actually rather excited. Soooo hope we can collab again, at last

  • @gslade Jan 28

    Can't wait to hear your new stuff.. Maybe I can sample some of it?

  • @kanttila  Jan 28

    Thanks, your comments are always so lovely! It means a lot to me to hear this. I'd love to collab again!