Katie Dwyer 6

Artist Bio

This is my 10 year fawmiversary and the month that i turn 30 (on the 13th).

I'm 4 months postpartum, so the lows are very low and highs, very high. I don't know what to expect from myself because i can be both extremely silly and playful, or heartwrenchingly depressing. Expect a moody mix of cell phone-recorded material, i guess.


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  • @folkguy  Feb 2019

    Enjoying your songs!!

  • @dreamscuba  Feb 2019

    Thanks for the comments on "Walking By Myself". Much appreciated. Most of the work seems to be done for me by the tools (GB etc)....

  • @billysea  Feb 2019

    Hi Katie, yes, it has been way too long 😀 Good to see/hear you 😀

  • @stevenwesleyguiles  Feb 2019

    Katie!! So good to see you back! I've loved seeing the pics of your Littles online. 😀

  • @petra777 Jan 2019