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Lanarkshire GB   Jan 2014

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Hi, I'm Mark from Lanarkshire, Scotland.

FAWM # 7

Lyrics mostly on this page this year. Will try to match with any relevant instrumentals from theAlphabettiSystem page. Any person feels like they can make a song from my lyrics feel free to have a try.

Songs up until now have been in the box with reason, updated to Reason 11.
This year I will hopefully be messing with Korg Gadget and Chordbot on my lunch breaks.

My instrumental ramblings will be on another page, by my alter ego thealphabettisystem

Returned from vacation with some ideas, but trying to get my head round Reason 11 Studio. Lots more stuff to play with. Getting bogged down putting songs together and lyrics not flowing either. Back to basics to get 8th song up. with perseverance I will triumph. Be prepared for lots of pianos and leslie cab organ sims this year. I love to mess with the giant horns preset.

Not in any rush to do anything, not even thinking about getting 15. First time I've failed in 7 attempts. unless I have a sudden rush of inspiration, I'm just going to let it drift past. I'll probably concentrate on the last couple of Alphabettis, do some commenting, I mean there is no chance, 13 songs in 5 days, that is too tough a challenge.

So 2 days before the end when I was complaining about my insomnia, my friend rudely suggested I write relaxing music I could play and fall asleep to. Such a simple yet brilliant idea, at a time when my head was a void. That night I set up 11 short ambient templates using common chord progressions and soon, I had 11 short little pieces, numbered 1 - 11 in different languages, that I was going to use to take my total over 14, but decided against it. I thought it would be cheating to put 14 songs up on the last day of an inspiration free FAWM. So only 2 made it. Yin and Twa, Scots for one and two.
Now in the cold post FAWM world, I regret not putting them all up, cos this is the first time I've failed in 7 FAWMs.

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  • @marvsmooth  Mar 5

    Thank you for the kind words.

    My brother is a professional IT specialist, and is getting a replacement hard drive for me.

    Thank you offering your services though. That was very generous. 😀