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Lanarkshire UK   Jan 2014

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Influences:   repetitive-basslines, random-sequences, distorted-guitar-rhythms, screaming-synth-lines, simple-drum-beats

Hi, I'm Mark from Lanarkshire, Scotland.

FAWM number 8

Music in the box with Reason 11 Suite.
Vocals AKG P120 mic through Evo 4.
No space, no speakers, therefore its mixed on headphones.

2021 at last eh. Like me I bet you couldn't wait for 2020 to be over. Exactly a year ago today Jan 23rd, I was on my way to Florida, for a fun vacation. Not a lot of good things have happened in the world since. Unfortunately from past experiences a new year does not guarantee better luck and for me this year hasn't started well, but forget all that depressing stuff let's make some music.

One more excuse, I am currently suffering from bppv in my right ear, hence the photo tilts to the left, otherwise I'll fall over.

I'm ready to roll, let's make some purses from those sows ears. They may not be silk, but they will be functional.


There is no such thing as loyalty, past heroics only have a short shelf life apparently. I've been in a work related fight due to my inner ear problem, lots of meetings, lots of stress, so I've not been in a musical mood if you understand. I will try to complete singing on my 2 favourite songs before shutdown.

Maybe it's not my mojo, maybe I'm just a lazy...

Songs (15)

#1 Write 3
Feb 7
#2 Trade 1
Feb 9
#3 Golden 1
8 weeks
#4 Stars 4
8 weeks
#5 Over 1
8 weeks
#6 Wrong 1
8 weeks
#7 Stars @hazeyjane 5
8 weeks
#8 Exception 1
8 weeks
#9 Go 2
8 weeks
#10 Free 1
7 weeks
#11 Friend 1
7 weeks
#12 Work 1
7 weeks
#13 Grace 1
7 weeks
#14 Cut 1
7 weeks
#15 Terminal 7
7 weeks


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  • @hazeyjane 7 weeks

    Thanks for your msg re Stars. That would be great. 😀 I’ll try to get the tracks to you next week to integrate into your session.
    Still struggling to do my final two songs this weekend!

  • @dock  8 weeks

    You know, I have problems with lyrics both writing and singing them. So I can relate to your situation. My girlfriend hates my vocals sometimes, says I need to find my voice and stop trying to sound like someone else. The trick is how? Maybe try a different genre that has different vocal expectations. That seemed to work for me.

  • @akagitsune89 8 weeks

    Thanks for checking out Flight Risk! Standup has written and recorded some music for it, it's up now if you still want to check it out!