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Lanarkshire GB   Jan 2014

Artist Bio

Influences:   driving bass lines, repetitive sequences, screaming mono synths, distorted guitar rhythms, gated synth pads, old rhythm boxes

Hi, I'm Mark from Lanarkshire, Scotland.

FAWM # 6

Songs up until now have been in the box with reason 6.5, 7 then 9.
However, this year I will hopefully be messing with Korg Gadget and Propellerhead Figure on my lunch breaks. Also, I actually bought a synth in November, a Roland JD-Xi. My first synth since the Korg iX300 in 1998. I might do a song, old style, by playing all the parts. Then again...

My experimental musical ramblings will be on another page, showcasing what will probably be the final year of thealphabettisystem

Back in business. Finally got round to getting my rock hands. I can hold my head high again.
Got about 7 in the pipeline.
I have also done a few Korg Gadget instrumentals during a couple of lunch breaks, these will break my semi-complete production rules, but they were fun to make.

I am not going to be able to do what I planned. I got song in various states but no time to complete them to my satisfaction within the 28 day time frame. I should have had a lot more free time now, but work has gone crazy this month. I've had to work weekends and late some nights, which is where I usually get my tracks finished and polished. I'm usually too tired to start anything new. I know I will have little sympathy, as I'm moaning about having to work for a living, but time is required to make music.

As a result I am going to have to break my own rules and stick up a load of incomplete songs and some placeholders.

All done. Lots of placeholders. My new firewall does not like the file hosting site. Can't get into it. So I'm having to bounce thing to drop box and then convert to MP3 on the iPad using the only converter I could find. It takes an age to do 1 song.

Over and out for another year.

Songs (26)

#1 (Anything) Interesting? 2
Feb 6
#2 Nightmare 2
Feb 6
#3 Invisible @edwardsmusic 5
Feb 17
#4 Like 3
Feb 23
#5 Live 1
Feb 23
#6 Sleep Machine 2
Feb 26
#7 Memories ZONG
Feb 26
#8 Stop The World I Want To Get Off 1
Feb 26
#9 Some Long Lasting Thinking 1
Feb 28
#10 Crisp Contact 1
Feb 28
#11 Endless 1
Feb 28
#12 Uncontrollable Voice 1
Feb 28
#13 Crazy Web 1
Feb 28
#14 Scented Ford 2
Feb 28
#15 Young Command 1
Feb 28
#16 Bitter Wave 2
Feb 28
#17 Wide Wall 1
Feb 28
#18 Aunt Victoria Waves ZONG
Feb 28
#19 Two Nights ZONG
Feb 28
#20 Here I Am ZONG
Feb 28
#21 Thinking Out Loud ZONG
Feb 28
#22 Simply Forget ZONG
Feb 28
#23 Snooze ZONG
Feb 28
#24 Inception 3
Mar 1
#25 Song Swan ZONG
Mar 1
#26 Inferential Grace 2
Mar 1


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  • @yam655 Mar 25

    Thanks for the comments on my songs. I appreciated it. šŸ˜€

  • @timfatchen  Mar 17

    Thanks for comment on Lost Time. And...touche!

  • @kenjku  Mar 6

    Thanks for your comment on Evermore. Iā€™m glad you enjoyed your listen!

  • @bigstarlet Feb 24

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your comments. To answer your question, this year, for convenience and time reasons, I am exclusively using Chordbot for creating my backing tracks and songwriting assistance. You can also export MIDI files out of it. It has a TON of preset arp sequences, and in the song that you reviewed, I mixed several of them together to see if I could come up with something, er, unique. Again, thank you!

  • @edwardsmusic Feb 9

    Hi Mark.
    I have a copy of the lyrics that you had up on your last FAWM (it's a screenshot of the song).

  • @nuj4x Jan 25