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Lanarkshire GB   Jan 2014

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Hi, I'm Mark from Lanarkshire, Scotland.

FAWM # 7

Lyrics mostly on this page this year. Will try to match with any relevant instrumentals from theAlphabettiSystem page. Any person feels like they can make a song from my lyrics feel free to have a try.

Hopefully changing profile pic every week to show somewhere I have visited that week. (or I would if I could get my profile picture to change. Grrr...)

Scene 1. I was attending a fault call in a tiny village called Etterickbridge, down in the Scottish Borders. I like to buy something when I visit places not on the beaten track, but I could not find a shop. There was 2 pubs, 1 church, 1 school and a sports field. I took a few photos as it was the first snow of the year. One street surrounded by hills, with a river running past it. Selkirk to the east, Moffat to the west.

Songs up until now have been in the box with reason, updated to Reason 11.
This year I will hopefully be messing with Korg Gadget and Chordbot on my lunch breaks.

My instrumental ramblings will be on another page, by my alter ego thealphabettisystem

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