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Lahti FI   Jan 2017


Artist Bio

Influences:   psychedelia, noise, drone, all sorts of experimental and avantgardist things.

Welcome. This year was probably my fastest FAWM, I made 14 songs in 2 days and didn't even really try to be quick. I very much enjoyed the process and it took me away. Here's my "quests":
1. 1 Chord
2. 2 Chords
3. Cut up-lyrics
4. Only tape loops of non-music-sounds
5. Only Kitchenware
6. Acoustic Noise
7. Body Sounds
8. Only Scrap Metal
9. Fridge Compressor Machine Music Yeah Yeah
10. Music For Buto-performance
11. Monochromatic
12. Lively
13. Kantele & Junk
14. Reel Loop Redemption

I also make visual art, which is pretty much like my music:

My Bands:
Junkyard Shaman: http://j-kill.bandcamp.com
Käki (Our free collective): http://kaeki.bandcamp.com
Cut To Fit (grindcore): http://cuttofit.bandcamp.com
Electric Hobo (noise): http://electrichobo.bandcamp.com
Taser (sludge): http://tasersludge.bandcamp.com

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