Junkyard Shaman 20


Lahti FI   Jan 2017


Artist Bio

Influences:   psychedelia, noise, drone, all sorts of experimental and avantgardist things.

Welcome. This year was probably my fastest FAWM, I made 14 songs in 2 days and didn't even really try to be quick. I very much enjoyed the process and it took me away. Here's my "quests":
1. 1 Chord
2. 2 Chords
3. Cut up-lyrics
4. Only tape loops of non-music-sounds
5. Only Kitchenware
6. Acoustic Noise
7. Body Sounds
8. Only Scrap Metal
9. Fridge Compressor Machine Music Yeah Yeah
10. Music For Buto-performance
11. Monochromatic
12. Lively
13. Kantele & Junk
14. Reel Loop Redemption

I also make visual art, which is pretty much like my music:

My Bands:
Junkyard Shaman: http://j-kill.bandcamp.com
Käki (Our free collective): http://kaeki.bandcamp.com
Cut To Fit (grindcore): http://cuttofit.bandcamp.com
Electric Hobo (noise): http://electrichobo.bandcamp.com
Taser (sludge): http://tasersludge.bandcamp.com


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  • @phlecksy 1 week

    Hi mrmule, thanks for the friendly comment on my track - please do feel free to see what I've done since! I like your approach, I also made 14 tracks pretty fast this year (just finished), even if not with a methodical approach like yours, which I'm about to listen to.

  • @tezzbass  1 week

    Hey, thanks so much for your comments, and I really, really enjoyed listening to the links Your album is so cool, and I love the piano textures. Great stuff!

  • @dutch1967 1 week

    Wow, so impressed you did all the parts for Buto Performance yourself. That must take enormous concentration to not crown certain phrases with notes from all instruments. I'll be checking out a few more of your creations.