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Montclair USA   Jan 2018

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Influences:   Music. Life. Honesty. As pretentious as all of that'll see as the month unfolds!

As a first-time FAWMer, I cannot wait to push myself through this challenge. I've been the drummer of the band Match Party for a long time, but recent life events have caused a creative tsunami to cascade through me. I look forward to riding its crest, in a lo-fi, "feel it don't think too hard about it" approach.

So what you'll be hearing is real instruments being recorded onto a LG K20 Plus phone's voice recorder, then imported into Nero8 Soundtrax for mixing and mastering. Since it runs on a Toshiba laptop, there are limitations. And you may hear glitches occasionally in the background. I think the point here is to make music, not perfection. In essence, show ya what I'm workin' wit.

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