Mosno Al-Moseeki 14


21229 US   Feb 2013  

Artist Bio

Influences:   Desert, Autumn, & The Moon. Astro-Imagery, Poetic Earth, Sounds of all kinds, Words of many languages, U2, Sting, Nubian Kingdoms, Castles & Sands, Myths & Legends, Stories & Fables

Mosno Al-Moseeki, a Sudanese singer/songwriter, a gentle blend of East and West. Mixing Arab-Poetic lyrics with a touch of pentatonic acoustic guitar playing. A genre he calls “Desert Eclectic”.


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  • @abudabard12514  Feb 27

    Mabrook to you as well, bud! Can't wait to dig into your new offerings!

  • @barbara  Feb 27

    Hi @mosno, I just happened to catch your reply to my comment as I came to revisit your song. In case you might not already know this little quirk, even though you quoted the username, those don't actually alert user feeds when they are done in song comments. So, if you want to be sure someone receives a message from you, you have to link over to their soundboard and type it there. Thanks for letting me know you might be able to lengthen the tail end; that makes me happy for your song!

  • @boyatheart  Feb 27

    Congrats on a super FAWM win. I'm finishing up my recording now, but will be back for a listen to more of your songs. 😀

  • @fonte Feb 25

    Thanks so much for your comments! I'm such a big fan of your stuff so really means a lot!

  • @mikeb Feb 21

    Thanks for the listen and comment on 'Catcher', much appreciated.

  • @abudabard12514  Feb 21

    Ya Sadiqi! Thank you so much for all your comments on my tunes! Sudanese music is quite brilliant and I'm very looking forward to listening to your material. I'm glad you found me as well, maybe we should collab on something since it sounds like we have similar visions. Incidentally, my tune Talent is a Myth is an oud song, I'm going to try to do more before the month is out. I'm not here as often as I'd like, but let's talk more 💖

  • @paulharrison  Feb 19

    Thanks so much for your comments on "Room In Our Garden," Mosno! Go MD!

  • @cts  Feb 18

    All good, my friend. Thanks for getting back with me and I'll be checking out more of your work!

  • @rainchaser  Feb 18

    Thank you for commenting on my song, "I've Heard It All! Say It Again!!", I really appreciate it! I really want to do songs in this style but now I want to do few different genres.

  • @cts  Feb 11

    Hey man - do you supposed we might be able to collab before it's all said and done? I'm going to be off the grid for perhaps a day, but if you are willing, let me know.

  • @wolfkier Feb 3

    Hi. Thanks for thinking of me. Nothing from you yet. I'll check back again in a fee days. Nice to see you here. Hugs.

  • @mosno  Jan 29

    Hello my fellow FAWMers.
    I am super excited to be back this year.
    I can't wait.