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L4R 2J6 CA   Jan 2018  

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Influences:   P J Harvey, Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, Father John Misty, Björk, Mica Levi, Leonard Cohen, Motörhead, The Cardigans, Bee Gees, The Beatles, MC Chris, assorted silliness, well-placed fury... and my sole guilty pleasure, Kiss (love the music, but there's SO MUCH misogyny)

He or they

2021 (my 4th time fawming)
I'm always cool with other songwriters making parallel songs from great lyrics, I plan to post original lyrics separate from my accompanying music, in order to encourage the cross-pollination of ideas. If you need to change anything, please run it by me. Since I'm a very heavy-handed editor of others' lyrics, I will do my best to be as permissive as possible.

= = = = =

- 46 attempted songs, minus 4 failures = 42 posts
- Of 42 posts, 41 are completed; 1 remains as-yet in-process (my fault) (EDIT: it has since been demoed).
- The 42 break down as 32 collabs, 10 all-originals.
- Of the collabs:
1 was a collaborative challenge (Tan Van),
1 was the contribution of a guitar part (Empathetic Interferences),
1 was music written for a public domain poem (The Fishermen Three), and
1 was a translation (Ums Haus, the in-process song).
- Of the originals:
3 were based on nursery rhymes (they're tagged),
1 was lyrics-only (a troll of a most-likely-fake account)
3 were challenges (a 10x10, a Morph, and an Anti-Syn).
- Of the 4 failures:
2 would have been collabs,
1 would have been a straight-up original, and
1 would have been an original for the Sign Challenge.
- My gratitude goes to my songwriting partners this year: @kahlo2013 (7 collabs), @cindyrella (4), @ductapeguy (4), @stephenwordsmith (4), @arthurrossi (3), @crisp1 (2), @jorh (2), @acousticmaddie (1), @hummingbear (1), @metalfoot (1), @momentegalerie (1), @visiblydistorted (1), @wacha (1).
<3 I think we did some good work.<3

= = = = =

- I fawmed 34 songs, officially. Technically only 31; one was an unsatisfactory collaboration (Hope Beyond Hope) that I repurposed with original lyrics; one was a 10x10 with nonsense cut-up method lyrics that were partly rewritten into reasonable vignettes; and one would've been a Feb 28th offering that I was still fooling with when sleep overtook me.
- Of those, 18 were solo works (includes the Easy Shed non-collab collab; excludes the supplied lyrics of the Fake It Challenge).
- 9 were challenges (counting the Easy Shed trolling)

= = = = =

- I fawmed 23 songs, officially. Technically only 21; two were posted as instrumentals, then posted again with lyrics+vocals.
- Of those, 3 were solo works.

= = = = =


Spent my wee years with AM radio, and my teens with thrash metal and glam rock.

Served time in an industrial metal band in the early aughts, with whom I played 2004 Canadian Music Week.

Worked labour till I retired relatively young due to mental health issues, then I cartooned and wrote short stories for a decade.

Now it's just me and a handful of instruments, mics, and a Zoom H1n. Like last FAWM, I'll strum for whatever lyrics capture my imagination (with permission, of course), with an amazing partner, one annoying cat (Beatrice; Veronika passed), a remarkable absence of sugar (probably), and much nostalgia for the musically aggressive days.

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    Get creating challenges about intersecting tangents please, and make it as radical and political as kind, generously necessary, and whatever else is a gate to it.