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Influences:   Tom Waits, PJ Harvey, Elvis Costello, Björk, Father John Misty, Mica Levi, Leonard Cohen, Motörhead, The Cardigans, Bee Gees, The Beatles, MC Chris, assorted silliness, well-placed fury... and my sole guilty pleasure, Kiss (love the music, but there's SO MUCH misogyny)

FAWM 2018 (my first) has been an amazing experience in many ways.

1. February is usually my hardest month. Being engaged with several short-term creative projects (fancy-talk for 'songs') has been an amazing mood stabilizer.

2. Never have I been so aware that creativity is just recombining existing ideas.

3. I hadn't collaborated on music since the early 2000s. I'm grateful to experience this from my current level of maturity, and without a care for what I think is "cool".

4. Though the Tuneful Muse showed up with my guitar every day, the Wordsmith Muse did not. When @ductapeguy recommended I do a FAWM, I decided not to let a lack of words deter me. Speaking of which...

I'm incredibly happy with the wonderful variety of ways my FAWM collabs turned out. Much respect to the FAWMers who chose to collab with me this year:
@stephenwordsmith and

Till next FAWM 😀

= = = = =


FAWM's reputation as a positive community precedes it. Even so, I had no idea everyone would be this wonderfully kind. So...

...just as we practice songwriting, please practice the art of constructive criticism on me. If you hear something "off", I promise I'm here for more than just to "get my 14" -- I also wish to get better.

= = = = =


Spent my wee years with AM radio, and my teens with thrash metal and glam rock.

Served time in an industrial metal band in the early aughts, with whom I played 2004 Canadian Music Week.

Worked labour till I retired relatively young due to mental health issues, then I cartooned and wrote short stories for a decade.

Now it's just me and an acoustic, strumming away on silliness and angry politics, with an amazing partner, an annoying cat, and much nostalgia for the aggressive days.

= = = = =


The Muses don't show up for me when asked, and the Wordsmith Muse doesn't visit nearly as often as the Tuneful Muse.

If you're a lyricist, maybe we could do something? Most lyrics I encounter, I inevitably wish to switch up a word here and there (for flow, or ease of enunciation, or story-logic, etc.), and I DO NOT consider most of that to be lyrics-credit-worthy. It is incredibly important to me to respect the artistry and honour the vision of the lyricist.

Let's focus on telling a good story effectively.

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