Momente-Galerie 9


Bensheim DE   Dec 2017  

Artist Bio

Influences:   So, I'm listening to various artists and it's not easy to select. I mostly like when a song really catches you (melody, lyrics, dynamics, chords, subject) and Tina Dico, Boy, Beatles, Gisbert zu Knyphausen, Roxette, Abba, Queen, Tallest Man on Earth, Billy Joel, Danko Jones, Jimmy Eat World, Counting Crows, Paper Aeroplanes, Meat Loaf and many more can do that.

Eva aka Momente-Galerie (which means "galery of moments"), german singer-songwriter with guitar/uke/guitarlele. German lyrics.

Hopes for 2021-FAWM: be brave and spontaneous. Hopefully accomplish the given tasks. Have a good time. Have fun while joking around with melody, chords, words, my voice.
Like the past years I am now more excited what comments you leave, whom I may "meet" and will listen to, which ideas may come. I am excited, it's my forth time now and I just appreciate and love the community and communication.

Btw: I think it is SUCH a good idea this FAWM! Thank you for creating it!