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Influences:   Too hard to narrow down...New Orleans jazz/swing from the 1920s on until today and everything in between...seriously. I can't pick one specific genre.

I'm a Texas city girl who can write lyrics & make a melody for pretty much anything. I'm not limited to a specific genre b/c I can't pick the thing I want to focus solely on yet. I'm still exploring the boundaries of what I can do with my voice, my lyrics & melodies. People to pay me to sing as a WFH on their tracks so I can't be terrible...Check out my for more research about songs I've written/sung. (I've noted when I'm not singing.)

I have 20+ songs in music libraries with various co-writers in 3 years since I got started in 2015. I write for film & tv so I tend to make vivid images with words and melodies that anyone can connect with. Lyrics are like a puzzle for me. I love the challenge of finding what's marketable, remains "art" and is full of passion to communicate an idea clearly & with emotion.

During FAWM, I need to collaborate with those who feel they can contribute heavily to the instrumentation of songs we work on here. I don't play an instrument anymore. I played the violin growing up so I know music but don't play a chorded instrument quickly. However, I've taught myself basic music theory using a keyboard and can figure out the key I just wrote something in and the chords I hear under the melody. But that takes me SO much more time than it does someone else, it's just easier when we use the strengths we already have. 😀 Work smarter, not harder!

If you can do a little production too, that's awesome. I have equipment but I'm a novice with mixing/producing. I'm great at sending a great raw vocal track though! 😉

On the business side of things:
I consider all co-writers to have equal ownership when I'm working on a song. I may not play an instrument, but I most definitely contribute my share of lyrics, melody and singing. If that's not reasonable/acceptable to you, then I won't be offended if you find a different co-writer/collaborator. No worries. This personal policy just keeps things simple for later if we decide to continue pursuing the growth & marketing of a song.

I'm a member of GYAWS and Taxi & teach public middle school science to 13-14 year olds. That's a whole 'nother story.

Feel free to email me with questions.
OH! This is my first FAWM. So if I'm doing something wrong, please tell me.

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    Howdy, Michelle! Hope you've got the bandwidth for FAWM again this year -- I really enjoyed your work last year.

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    Hey! Hope you'll be back for more FAWMish goodness this year!