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Askam GB   Jan 2018

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I play instruments with strings, though not the guitar! (My main instrument is the harp, but you might also hear some piano, viola or cello, perhaps even a uke...)

This will be my second FAWM (last year I did the concept album based on family life with my kids’ voices involved throughout)... this year I’ve been feeling clueless. But I have been given some funding to develop my work with music in end of life care, and part of that is to support my creating new music, so this would be a good place to explore that. And on the site-reset day, I woke up with loads of song titles buzzing round my head, so now I’m raring to go!

Due to the nature of the work, my arrangements will be simpler, so single instrument, with vocal, though I know I won’t be able to resist adding harmony lines!

I’d also be really keen to do more collaborations this year, time allowing.

Pic is of my son from a couple of years ago, who used to love running up and down the windowsill with his uke! So proud of himself too!


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  • @tangle  Mar 2

    Thanks for letting me know! I wasn't sure if everything would disappear March 1st. I'm very excited to just dig into listening now. 😀

  • @haim  Feb 28

    Oh.. that's so cool, do you teach music in schools? or college? What kind of teaching? by the way I see you are on 13 songs, I'm about to upload my 13th... then just one more... Good luck for both of us!

  • @haim  Feb 28

    that's cool.. Are you making music in the real life too or just on fawm?

  • @tangle  Feb 28

    aww neat! I've got one turning 3 in July and the other turning 6 in December. They're fun ages. 😁

  • @bootlegger Feb 27

    Thanks for the encouragement! I just uploaded number 14 a few minutes after your post so I'm done! Now it's time for album swaps and heavy listening. Such a relief!

  • @tangle  Feb 27

    aww yay I'm going to check it out! Mine are 5 and 2.5 right now so it sounds like they're not too far apart. 😀 Love including them in music fun.

  • @tangle  Feb 27

    I totally get it. All of my FAWMING has been worked around naptimes and late night squeezes. I'm impressed you're pushing to 14. I may hit 7 if something magical happens tonight and tomorrow but will be very happy with 6 if that's where I end considering I usually write 2 or 3 a year. Fawm has been a shot in the arm for sure and I'm really grateful to have found so much new music to absorb throughout the year. Your tunes are definitely included in that. I would love to hear your family life album too. Is it on soundcloud?

  • @apertome  Feb 27

    Thanks so much for the harp parts! I'm sending a detailed response via e-mail.

  • @tangle  Feb 27

    Music in end of life care is so important. Love what your doing and the various perspectives you've pulled together around this theme in this year's fawm. Excited to hear more!

  • @tangle  Feb 27

    I just found your songs this morning and absolutely love the stuff you're doing. I think we've run out of time for a collab this year but I would love to do something together in the future.

  • @haim  Feb 27

    haha thanks again .. for your comment on my song... i had to listen to the song to see what your'e talking about since i forgot how it sounds, and i remembered the intention was to make it positive and make peoples days better, so im SUUUPER happy it made u feel like that!!! thanks so much for the compliments@! if you want to listen to another positive song i wrote this year, than listen to my song number 1 "youll be alright".

  • @haim  Feb 27

    haha thanks... yeah it is a bit tight, and you got it exactly on the spot... I see you are also a bit behind from your 14th song. I host two skirmishes today in a few hours from now, look for "photo finish skirmish" on the forums if you feel you need some push. I appreciate the appreciation 😉 Have a lovely fawm ending.

  • @ohwell123 Feb 24

    Thank you for your comment on Come Again Next Spring. I greatly appreciate it!

  • @jwhanberry  Feb 24

  • @sync  Feb 23

    I love it! Just uploaded the new mix: https://fawm.org/songs/93523/ Thanks again for your time and effort!

  • @sync  Feb 23

    I got it! Sry been away for a few days. Thx so much, sounds great! Gonna go try it out now...

  • @ohwell123 Feb 23

    I finally recorded the music part for my song Come Again Next Spring! You asked me to let you know once I did.

  • @unkept  Feb 21

    Thanks so much for your comment "One of Three!"

    I was very concerned about my singing on that one, I didn't want it to come off as campy or too silly... but I'm not a young British woman, so I had my concerns. 😉 😁

    I'm so glad you liked it! Hermoine is probably my favorite character in the series, so although we can be sad for her, it's just cool she exists! Fun to try and imagine lines for her.

  • @estheraleida Feb 18

    Thanks a lot for the lovely illustrative comment on 'little girl' 😀

  • @sync  Feb 17

    Thx for the heads up. No worries, tho. Even if it's after fawm is fine. Thx!

  • @acromie  Feb 17

    Thank you so much for your kind comment on Hug a Snowman!

  • @bamsekarhu Feb 16

    Thanks for the comment! Maybe acoustic dm should be thing 😁

  • @cherok40  Feb 2019

    Thank you very much for the advice and your encouraging comments regarding my temporary "writers block". I get your points and I hope I will be able to produce something soon again.

  • @ayehahmur  Feb 2019

    Regarding thanking folks for their comment - I tend to do it for the first one because I think it's nice to acknowledge the effort someone has gone to. but let it be taken as read after that. 😀

    Re your handwriting, well WHAT a disappointment! And here was me imagining a beautiful flowing cursive (I wasn't really).

  • @ayehahmur  Feb 2019

    Hey, cheers for the comment on Convict Stage. Strange song that, once I'd started down the rabbit-holing idea I just had to commit to and continue looking stuff while I was recording.
    And, ha, yes. accemts. Everyone has one, I suppose, but thanks!

  • @sync  Feb 2019

    Thanks for your kind words on my Soccer Mom song. I was thinking of googling for a harp flourish to put in at the beginning of her Jason Momoa fantasy, but wondered if you'd be interested in doing it? No worries if not, just thought it might be fun if you were into it. Thx!

  • @aflinner  Feb 2019

    Thanks for the comments on “Back 2 tha Future.” Glad you enjoyed it. 😁

  • @ohwell123 Feb 2019

    I wish I can do a song on the harp, but unfortunately I don't own one yet. The harp I practice on is at the local conservatory and it's usually very out of tune if my teacher wasn't there to tune it. I hope I can incorporate it next FAWM once I save up to buy one!

  • @dani312 Feb 2019

    Lovely to see you back on here! Have a great FAWM!

  • @leepat  Feb 2019

    Re Bucket List - yeah, I think you totally pulled off the character POV. That's what I like @ that exercise - you never know where you'll end up...

  • @robynmackenzie  Feb 2019

    Meds definitely take some adjusting to. In my experience there's usually some trial and error, which sucks, but once you're on the right combo it really helps. So glad you're a part of the FAWMily!

  • @apertome  Feb 2019

    Are you still interested in collaborating? If so, could you drop me an e-mail so we can discuss it? My e-mail address is on my profile. Thanks!

  • @metalfoot  Feb 2019

    I feel like I'm way behind on my listening, but laid up for a couple days I've had a chance to begin to catch up. I really like your album concept and what I've heard of it so far!

  • @phlecksy Feb 2019

    Thanks for the friendly comment, much appreciated. Going to listen to your stuff now...

  • @spinhead Feb 2019

    I keep trying not to write songs. The songs keep winning. I'll probably be back. Thanks 😀

  • @ohwell123 Feb 2019

    Hello fellow harpist! 😁 I really enjoyed your songs! They have such a calming effect. Looking forward to listening to more stuff! I willdefinitelyy let you know when I add the tracks to my songs.

  • @tseaver  Feb 2019

    (posted to the wrong soundboard, sorry!)

  • @cherok40  Feb 2019

    Thank you for listening to my track and for your nice comment! I really appreciate it. I can see you have already made 4 tracks... I am jealous.. lol. Got a writers block for the last two days...

  • @aneil Feb 2019

    Thx for sharing your link with me your music is tender and delightful and parent thought provoking well done

  • @pokerowan  Feb 2019

    What a compliment to be compared to James! Thanks so much for your kind words on 'Nameless One' ☺

  • @aneil Feb 2019

    I'd love to hear your album from last FAWN sounds down my alley! Thanks for feedback on power

  • @ghostinyourpiano Feb 2019

    Thank you for the welcome! Hope you have a great month 😁

  • @tezzbass  Feb 2019

    Hey, thanks for the welcome! Looking forward to this, and can't wait to hear what you post. BTW, I can NEVER resist harmony lines.

  • @rkeeling75 Jan 2019

    Thank you for the welcome. (I know to leave this on your soundboard thanks to your clue). Have a great month.

  • @ryako  Jan 2019

    Hi! I actually did see your comments and they made me so happy! Thank you so much for listening to the story. Glad to see you again.

  • @nuj4x Jan 2019

  • @apertome  Jan 2019

    Good point, about possibly having more time this year than the next few years, with a new son. BTW my movie score was last year, not sure what I'm doing this year just yet. My soundcloud has some tracks from the soundtrack if you are curious. Looking forward to your album. Happy FAWM!

  • @letyourhairdown  Jan 2019

    Yay harp! Looking forward to hearing your music!

  • @metalfoot  Jan 2019

    Let's do this! 😁

  • @apertome  Jan 2019

    Oh wow, I love your harp playing, too! I might be interested in collaborating if I have any time for this FAWM thing this year 😉

  • @apertome  Jan 2019

    Your concept from last year looks great ... I'm a new parent this year and trying to figure out whether/how to fit fawm in! My kid obviously is not old enough to really participate at this point.

    I noticed you were talking about music for end-of-life care, have you listened to THe Caretaker? You really should, it's very haunting and beautiful. I think his perspective is more to express how dementia feels from the point of view of the person experiencing it -- I think. I can't remember all the details.

    Anyway that's a great concept and would be quite interesting. My grandmother died with Alzheimer's quite a while ago but her state-of mind then is something that still strikes me now. I wrote a song about it at the time. Not sure if I still have it.

    Happy FAWM!