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Norwich UK   Feb 2018

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Influences:   I’m an indie kid at heart. Lately I’ve been really getting into 50s/60s Bubblegum Pop, and Motown. Also 80s synth Pop. I’m a big fan of classic Pop music, in general. I’m all about catchy hooks and infectious melodies.

It’s 3am on the last night of the challenge, and I’ve been scrambling to finish my last few songs. I’m not one for uploading anything minimal. At the very least, I like to add drums, bass, and a lead melody. This approach appears to be my downfall!

I have got 5 more songs ready to go, but just need to record my vocals (not easily done at 3am!) This takes me to a final total of 16 songs.

I have written a hell of a lot this month though, I even have another 14 pieces which I just couldn’t quite finish (one even came to me during a dream, and I had to record the basics on my phone in a sleepy state!)

So really, I’ve got 30 songs out of this experience. Not bad for a month’s work. I’m not sure I want to do it next year. I may think differently then, but for now, I’m sick of FAWM (no offence 😉).

Thanks for all the comments. I can finally get round to listening to more of the communities work (oh wait, I still have 5 songs to upload 😫)

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