Mark Di Marzio 25


Melbourne AU   Feb 2016

Artist Bio

Influences:   Just about everything ...

I’m a self taught musician & vocalist and play mainly guitar & piano (but i also play the ukulele, banjo and mandolin for variety) . This is my fifth year of FAWM . In 2017 ,I put together my own band ‘The Weary kind ‘ & released an album ‘Keep Rollin’ on ‘. I am also a visual artist and teacher based in Melbourne, Australia.

Keep Rollin' on >

Songs (25)

#1 Kicking rain puddles 5
8 weeks
#2 It really doesn't matter 3
8 weeks
#3 It's so nice ( Living by the seaside) 3
8 weeks
#4 No Mojo hand required 2
7 weeks
#5 Sweet joys and sorrow 2
7 weeks
#6 Deal the cards 4
7 weeks
#7 The light within the darkness 6
7 weeks
#8 Spin on a dime 3
7 weeks
#9 Easy St 3
7 weeks
#10 Onwards and upwards and inside out 3
7 weeks
#11 Gliding 4
6 weeks
#12 What i saw ( coming thru the shadows) 3
6 weeks
#13 Looking for infinity 4
6 weeks
#14 Turn the dial up to 14 4
6 weeks
#15 The eternal silver stream 4
6 weeks
#16 Things left unsaid 5
6 weeks
#17 Gridlock solution 3
6 weeks
#18 Unseen Angels 8
6 weeks
#19 Sail away (to that celestial shore) 9
6 weeks
#20 This alternative comedy known as 'life' 2
5 weeks
#21 Living the dream ( in the lucky country) 3
5 weeks
#22 Zen Prayer (Calm heart and open mind) 3
5 weeks
#23 Feel the silence 2
5 weeks
#24 Fly little bird 3
5 weeks
#25 Highball 5
5 weeks


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  • @edwardsmusic 2 weeks

    Hi Mark. Thanks for the comments!

    Do you have any plans to participate in the 50/90 (50 songs in 90 days) challenge?

  • @forrandom  3 weeks

    Thanks for listening to my last song of this FAWM! I'm glad you left a comment so I could discover your music!

  • @aneil 4 weeks

    Wow well done ! will listen thru and give some comments

  • @robynmackenzie  4 weeks

    Thanks so much for your sweet comments! 25 songs--wow! Congrats!

  • @alg123  4 weeks

    Hey Mark thanks for all of your feedback and encouragement over FAWMuary - I have appreciated your thoughtful comments and warm support. And yes, as @natalieedelson said - congrats on your creative output!

  • @natalieedelson  4 weeks

    Thank you for all your positive support and feedback this FAWM- very much appreciated - and congratulations on your sizeable batch of new material! Another record in there for sure

  • @sayda 5 weeks

    Thank you for the kind comments 😀 25 songs?! Holy moly good for you 😆

  • @misterd 5 weeks

    Well ... Ive written song #25 last night and posted it just now . I'm pretty happy with how it has gone this year . I have experimented , got out of my comfort zone and ( i believe) that I have presented songs with lots of variety in instruments and styles and approaches . It feels like a good way to end FAWM 2020 for me this year . Thanks to everyone that has listened and commented and been supportive . Its a beautiful creative community here and I love it ! - Cheers Mark x

  • @zachagerty 5 weeks

    thank you for listening to death didnt win this time and the kind words. so sorry for your loss. blessings

  • @tjeff  5 weeks

    Thanks for listening & commenting, much appreciated!

  • @kahlo2013  5 weeks

    Aww thank you for the nice comment! Much appreciated!

  • @alg123  6 weeks

    Now you're making me blush. Thank you so much Mark for your thoughtful comments - it means a lot.

  • @alg123  6 weeks

    Congrats on your massive output! Truly impressive. Thanks for the positive feedback on "Counting Hawks" - I appreciate it.

  • @misterd 6 weeks

    Hi Edward , I’m open to collaboration . Not sure how to go about it though -technology wise . Let me know your thoughts . Cheers mate

  • @edwardsmusic 6 weeks

    Hi Mark. Congrats on surpassing the 14 song point mate!

    Would we be able to do a collab together perhaps?

  • @sheslin 6 weeks

    Thank you for your listening and commenting on my songs! I have enjoyed listening to yours as well and I am jealous of all the instruments you play so well!

  • @ozcompr  6 weeks

    Thanks for commenting on "New Beginnings". So stoked you completed 14 tracks already. I'm soooo behind but I'm confident I'll get there. Will also listen to some of your tracks and leave feedback! Wow. That's motivating!!!

  • @misterd 6 weeks

    WOW !!! Im so stoked . I just wrote and posted my 14th FAWM Song for 2020! I didnt even have the vibe when i started . I wasn't feeling it AT ALL !! Then i just got going and its all happened well for me. Such a good feeling . Thanks everyone that has listened and commented and put across a positive vibe ! I appreciate it ! Cheers Mark x

  • @alg123  6 weeks

    Ola! thanks for listening to Lost Companion and for the feedback. Holy, you are FAWMing hard I see! Way to go!

  • @michaelgentile 7 weeks

    I'm glad I could write something to which someone responds so positively. I listened to your first track and your whistling is out of this world, man!

  • @tan482 7 weeks

    Hey thanks for stopping by and listening! 😀

  • @dutch1967 7 weeks

    Thanks for commenting on Day Seven, Mark. Appreciate you stopping by.

  • @misterd 8 weeks

    Thanks Natalie xx 😊👋

  • @natalieedelson  8 weeks

    Aloooooooo! I’m baaaaaaack! Are you?