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Influences:   ALL YOU GUYS, YOU are AMAZING each and every one! Kasey Chambers Harry Nilsson Grace Potter Neil Finn Indigo GIrls Dixie Chicks Norah Jones

GramMish, Pottery Guru by trade and passionate about my Music, I play guitar, ukulele, piano and sing, a fledgling songwriter This is my third FAWM, I got 16 my first year and 17 last year, and still love most of them and perform them often. Some are being recorded hoping to put out a cd this year (my first)!

Ten guitars (oy), ukulele, mandolin, Casio CTK-6250 keyboard, orchestra bells, harmonicas, various percussion instruments, slide whistle etc ad nauseum Sometimes I even play them! So excited for FAWM 2019 hooray!

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