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Mn US   Jan 2013

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2019. He/him.
Yes, a little creature, I shall try and make a little creature, to hold in my arms, a little creature in my image, no matter what I say. And seeing what a poor thing I have made, or how like myself, I shall eat it. Then be alone a long time, unhappy, not knowing what my prayer should be nor to whom.
--Samuel Beckett, Malone Dies
You can’t reform profit capitalism and inhumanity. Just kick it till it breaks.
--The Angry Brigade, Communique 8

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  • @echovoodoo 6 weeks

    A good FAWM to you as well!

  • @fluidvolt 7 weeks

    hi! hope you're in this fawm!! your music is always one of my favorites to check in with, year after year

  • @nuj4x 8 weeks

  • @mikedebenham  Jan 22

    Dan! Hope the FAWM gods are kinder this year. Shout in my general direction if you fancy another collab.

    (Excellent quotes, by the way. Maybe top them off with a little P.G. Wodehouse?)