Mikko Juhani (MJ Snow) 2

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Feb 11th 2020

I wasn't going to take part this year, as I'm working on releasing plenty of old songs that should've been out ages ago. And it's just been a busy start to the month.

But as I kept going through old FAWM demos, I started to get the itch, and came to see what's going on. Hi btw!

I guess I've gotta give it a shot again. No goals, just see what happens. Probably the best approach for me anyway.

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  • @brisk Feb 12

    Thanks for the positivity - I love FAWM. A bit self conscious about my offerings but still get a thrill when people like them.

  • @marijequerida Feb 11

    Hey Mikko, I'm taking it you're not participating this FAWM? You are definitely missed.