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Started slow, but I'm here!

I'm a 28-year-old bedroom guitarist and producer from Finland, who's worked with many styles of music over the years.

As usual, my FAWM work is likely divided between my electronic stuff under "MJ Snow", and my guitar playing as "Mikko Juhani". For me, FAWM is always a great place to experiment with these two different sides. And sometimes they even come together.

Another thing I like about FAWM is exposing my ears to stuff that I never would've discovered otherwise, and hearing about the stories and influences behind the songs. I welcome all feedback on my songs, and I'll do my best to give back to those who do comment.

I'm the founder and songwriter of the melodeath band Melancohol, co-founder and songwriter of the black/death metal band Atlas of Misery, co-founder of the improv/avant-garde rock project Ihmisen Kauneudesta, and I play bass for the prog/melodeath project Kollectivist. Check out my partner in crime in all of these: @latehonkola


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  • @clioem 4 days

    Thank you kindly for your comment on my song! Yes - when I first did FAWM in 2015, I wrote most of my first album on the guitarlele. I was in NY for a spell and went to the music store. I had my heart set on a particular guitar but then I saw my lil' Gretsch baby - and bought her! Her name is Laika and she travels the stars with me, heheheh. Yamaha have a very decent model too, and some ukulele companies make six-string ukes, which sound the same with the same tuning.

  • @sbs2018 1 week

    Yes, I do love the beats - lol! Thanks for listening to “I Want To.” Appreciate the comment.

  • @nuj4x 2 weeks