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02169 US   Feb 2013


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Influences:   Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, Beth DeSombre

2020: I'm looking forward to writing in 2020. So much material to draw on.

Mike Delaney is a Boston-area singer-songwriter and host of the very popular Roslindale Open Mike. He has been performing around New England for over ten years, including three times at the Boston Folk Festival. He has opened for Kevin So, David Roth, Les Sampou, Richard Berman, Dave Crossland, Terry Kitchen, Amy Petty, Hungrytown (Rebecca Hall and Ken Anderson) and Michael Troy. With others he has opened for Chris and Meredith Thompson, Marc Douglas Berardo, Ferron and Terence Martin. He has been fortunate to play mandolin, guitar, or sing harmony at concerts, coffeehouses, festivals, camps, and open mikes with a number of people, including Guy Davis, Kate Campbell, Bennett Hammond, John Kirk, Mary Flower, Patti DeRosa, Beth DeSombre, and many others.

Mike's humorous original songs and parodies cover a wide range of topics from himself ("The Hunk" and "Mando Tango") to the entire country ("If We Only Had a Brain"). In between are excursions into the world of natural science ("Tofu, the Vegan Killer Whale"), literature ("Daddy, Who's Mark Twain?"), automated phone systems ("1-800-CONFESS"), women's health ("Mammogram, M'am?"), sports ("Red Sox Dream"), the oxymoronic business of folk music ("I'm changing my name to DOT.COM" and "The Naked Open Mic"), parts of the human anatomy ("Colonoscopy", "Bare Midriff"), and, of course, his raging ego ("It Is, In Fact, All About Me").

He has been deemed an "accomplished amateur" by Marilyn Rae Beyer, the music director of WUMB, Boston Folk Radio, and Tom Paxton commented that at least one of his songs was "not bad". Anne Hills called the song 1-800-CONFESS "brilliant"!

Mike's debut CD "1-800-CONFESS" was released inn 2006. His second CD, with New England Weather, was released in 2007. "Evening News" was released in 2008. "Hey, Java Jo's" was released in 2010. His latest CD, "Boston Harbor: No Longer Dirty Water" was released in 2013.

His song "Peace Through War" has been number 1 on Neil Young's "Living With War Today" song compilation for several weeks and in the top 10 for a number of weeks. He eco-bluegrass (green grass?) song, "Trash This Planet" was included on the "Step It Up 2007" web page (www.stepitup2007.org). "Low Carb" was regarded as one of the "best new climate songs" by Alex Smith of Radio Ecoshock (www.ecoshock.org) and "Colonoscopy" was played on the The Dr. Demento show.

Songs (17)

#1 Boston Driving 3
Feb 2020
#2 She is our River 3
Feb 2020
#3 Flush Ten Times 3
Feb 2020
#4 Chopper Talk 2
Feb 2020
#5 Nothing New Ever Happened Before 2
Feb 2020
#6 Super Tariff Man 2
Feb 11
#7 How a Girl Becomes a Mom 1
Feb 11
#8 Swing States 3
Feb 13
#9 Rainbow Faces 2
Feb 15
#10 Here's Your Gun 1
Feb 16
#11 Charlie NOT on the T 2
Feb 18
#12 I'm Not Ready to Say Goodbye 2
Feb 20
#13 Get Over It, Greta 1
Feb 22
#14 I Met Kaliegh at the Local Ceilidh 1
Feb 23
#15 Organ Recital 1
Feb 24
#16 To Live With Death 1
Feb 24
#17 My Underwater Property 2
Feb 24