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Influences:   U2, The Police, Soundgarden, The Alarm, Springsteen, many more.

Full time Audio Engineer. Have spent more time making other people's visions come true than working on my own music. I write songs and play guitar and live with my wonderful family in the suburbs outside NYC.


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  • @mglazier 3 weeks

    I shared this sentiment elsewhere: - It's a lot. 14 songs in a month. I don't know how much time you have to dedicate. I have a day job and commuting and kids and ... life. In order to try to achieve the goal you sort of how to turn off your inner editor a bit and "get something done." Of course, I am telling you what I have trouble with. I want it to be great. Every time. Guess what. It is OK to fail and have some clunkers. I have pieces and starts to 6 songs this month so far. I hope to work most every day and then when I get 14 or so stop with the germinating of new stuff and refine the work I have started. best -m

  • @guatecoop  5 weeks

    There are quite a few of you who produce and engineer who’ve come to do their own thing for once. Welcome to fawm! You will find that the community here is unlike any other. Enjoy your fawm experience!