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75115 US   Feb 5

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Influences:   Stevie Knicks, Mariah Carey, The Cure, Salif Keita, Gregory Isaacs

Hi I am a writer, performer, and educator based in Dallas. The plan is to record some songs this summer. I'm also learning to play guitar.


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  • @laotranati Mar 2

    Thanks for commenting on my song A veces, and congrats on winning FAWM!

  • @gb9  Feb 27

    Thank you so much for your kind comments on 'Free'
    The story is still in progress, thinking about how should I murder the character/s..... With regards to your question she curses him that he WILL find someone special, as he chooses to cheat and realise he's a prisoner too like her.

  • @serene123  Feb 25

    Hey there! Thanks for your encouraging words on my sad song just now... Really appreciate the support ❤️

  • @beat  Feb 25

    Thx for having a look and commenting. Yes I would love to hear it too.

  • @gb9  Feb 25

    Thank you so much for the appreciation and kind comments on 'My Tears' 😀

  • @kirjis Feb 25

    Hi, thanks for your nice comments!

  • @bobjestes  Feb 25

    I appreciate your comment on ‘Commitment’. Thank-you!

  • @moonraccoon  Feb 24

    Thanks for your compliment on Rest in Piss.

  • @billwhite51 Feb 24

    the link for the tune is at the top of the or you can access it here

  • @gb9  Feb 20

    Hey Melyssah you'll find the complete schedule for this week's super skirmish weekend here:

  • @gb9  Feb 15

    Thanks Melyssah for the comment on 'Unavailable Heart' 😀 The thing that makes it 'Unavailable' is that it has been broken before too deeply and the scars win. The song 'Change' is from the perspective of the other person.

  • @gb9  Feb 14

    Hey Melyssah! Thanks for you thoughts on 'Breathe Again' I'm with you on the Coursera Songwriting: Writing the Lyrics 😀

  • @radioovermoscow Feb 13

    Hi! It's the Conservative Party in the UK - noticed how all the countries screwing up their pandemic responses are right-wing?

  • @ozcompr  Feb 8

    Thanks for the feedback on The Best Me. The concept was originally about being left by wife but fittingly, I switched it to being about me leaving my old self and the old and new me are essentially singing to each other with my old self telling my now (future) self to keep pushing forward and become the best me. The packing the bags inherently were the bags of my wife but again, switched it to my new self packing the good things within my old self to move forward with. Taking only the essentials if you will as someone typically does when they move on. Thanks for listening!