Artist Bio

Influences:   breaking, broken, breakbeats and a lot of bleep-bleep-bloop

pretty new to this;
older than you may think;
a tendency to like the darker side of things;
roleplays as an electronic art(error)ist;
maybe sounds kinda like IDM (=Introvert's Dance Music);
reliability guarantee: every track is "not a banger";

Update Feb. 29 2020
I wanted to try FAWM, after I did NaSoAlMo in November, but I had a rough start due to (let's just call it this) life complications and didn't get to do anything until the month was halfway through. I basically did throw this songs together in the last 13 days of February.
Yet I did know what I wanted to go for - and I did. I wanted a really dark vibe, dirty, distorted sound. Imperfection. One word: kaputt.
But I also wanted to insert something fragile, emotional and melancholic. I don't know, if I achieved, but it is what it is: done.

Thank you, kind people, for taking the time to listen to these tracks, for your comments, feedback and encouragement. I tried to give back, where I could, but I gotta say, I also feel very exhausted and empty now.