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  Jan 2011


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Influences:   In light of the Blurred Lines verdict, I have no influences whatsoever.

Allegedly this is FAWM #9.

This year I have a working keyboard, but also, I just acquired a guitar. What is even happening?

Some previous things here: http://masslove.bandcamp.com.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  • @elesimo  1 day

    Let's do this!

  • @zecoop  2 days

    I'm expecting that you are ready to explode FAWM. Do your worst - I can't wait

  • @kovbleu  2 days

    Welcome back! You got a guitar. I look forward to seeing what this brings about. 😀

  • @lhcisco  2 days

    What's up man?! Almost time to make the donuts.

  • @fearlessflight2014  2 days

    That's okay, I already ate. 😀 Welcome back!

  • @leah0k 2 days

    Hi! Thank you - best to you as well!

  • @paulhenry  2 days

    Okay. I have a little more juice this year. We'll see. Lovely to hear from you again.

  • @jamesstaubes  2 days

    We shall have another, indeed!

  • @tesla3090  2 days

    Glad to see you're back! Can't wait to hear what craziness you come up with this year!

  • @darcistrutt  3 days

    Thank you my friend! Cowbell is my form of musical meditation. 😀 I hope you have a great February too!

  • @shortdan  3 days

    Haha, that sounds like decent advice to me. If I can get anything usable done whatsoever I’ll take that this year!

  • @adforperu  3 days

    Good DAY sir!

  • @oddbod  3 days

    ah of course - you'd think I would've realised that by now...I've only been doing this since 2008

  • @oddbod  3 days

    Da-veed! Great to see you here.
    Dog in a Car 2 - (this time he's serious)

    PS - You need to change your sign though.

  • @paulhenry  6 days

    See you on the other side.