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Influences:   too many to list

This has been a cruel month, daughters moved back in! One with child and one on the way and the other daughter ran out of funds! So I've been awfully busy moving boxes in and out of storage units and stuff! 😞

I wish to apologize as I screwed up the songs!!
Its been a rough month and was sleep fawming again!

So if you receive a goofy comment from me that's usually unreadable...I've been sleep fawming again! πŸ˜€

2019 is here, it is my twelveteenth year
If ya gotta song I have an ear!
If ya want to collaborate
Please don't hesitate!

Also I have Chocolate!


Because of recent personal developments that have happened! I may not be able to create much! 😞 With both daughters moving back in, my studio will have to be taken down and reorganized!


Here it is 2018 and it's my eleventeenth year doing this!
Yeah baby! How about them apples!
Right now, all I can think about are numbers!
That's what I do, I work with a few formula's and mash numbers together and see if they come out as intended!

I guess what I'm trying to say,
Is words are coming out hard today!
Just too hard to write a song,
Tomorrow one might come along!

g'night zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Here it is 2017
another year of
livin' the dream!


I am:
A designer at a rubber hose plant during the day (yeah, I'm a "hoser" 😝) and at night I aspire to be a singer/songwriter. I play hockey in an old farts league, play golf, fish (walleyes and early crappies) and love gardening too!

This year I have been picking up some gigs at the local establishments near my home of Sun Prairie, Wisc.
Enuf said, lets have some fun! πŸ˜€


A few things worth noting, comparing musicians and engineers:
1) Pocket protectors work great for storing guitar picks! πŸ˜€
2) Changing everybody's windows settings in the office to a Slash guitar solo during windows start-up, isn't such a great idea, to some! 😏
3) And finally, musicians sometimes change their shirts! 😁


Sing with your heart,
and write like it's art! πŸ˜€


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  • @tamsnumber4  Mar 13

    Thanks for commenting on my collab song "Reach For The Stars", I appreciate the listen!

  • @johncrossman  Feb 24

    Mr. Matt in a hat, howdy!

  • @wsharper69 Feb 14

    Has anybody here heard from our ol' friend Matt can you tell me where he's gone.

  • @billysea  Feb 11

    Hey Matt. Actually I'm in Orlando for the week for a conference:)

  • @ritawitter  Feb 6

    Stopping by to check on your progress. nice going!!!

  • @jessi14  Feb 2

    I enjoyed reading your bio and listening to your song! Great sense of humor! Happy FAWMing!

  • @petra777 Jan 2019


  • @devin  Jan 2019

    I’m so glad our tune lives on in your capable hands! And, you just gave me a collab idea.

    But I won’t tell you about it until Feb 1... because, no cheatin’!

  • @devin  Jan 2019

    Can I tell you a secret?

    I’m not sure your president fully understands science things.