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Influences:   There are too many to list, however, the influences that get the credit/blame for propelling me into learning guitar and songwriting are Jackson Browne, Gordon Lightfoot, James Taylor, The Eagles, Emmylou Harris. I also listened to a lot of British rock, blues, and jazz. I discovered Bruce Cockburn in the late nineties and his music really impacted me. Most recently I've been getting reacquainted with Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Elvis Costello and R.E.M. I've also been listening to Courtney Barnett, Kurt Vile, and Jake Bugg quite a bit

I'm a native of the Cincinnati area. I've always loved and listened to an eclectic mix of music. Started playing guitar when I was in junior high school - used to play and sing with my older sisters. Started writing in High school. Was on again off again with playing and writing over the next 20 years. Play and write pretty steadily now.


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  • @sunnymae  Mar 25

    Hey Matthew thanks so much for dropping by and listening to the rivers run dry. I sure loved that collab and glad you enjoyed it too.

  • @crisp1  Mar 24

    If you get a chance, listen to Lovett's song Church. I only saw him live once and that was the roof-raiser.

  • @vivalarayna Mar 2

    Hey, glad you got a chuckle out of "Basic". There's no shortage of subject matter around my parts. Hope your daughter found it just as amusing!

  • @angelinapowersuit Mar 1

    Hey there! Muchos gracias for your lovely comments on "Across the Train Tracks!"

  • @wacha  Mar 1

    Thank you so much for the lovely comment! Oddly enough I was just listening to Mary Gauthier yesterday morning on Spotify and telling my wife how much I like her. I need to pick up some of her albums.

  • @sapient  Feb 29

    Ha ha! Thanks so much for the compliment! I tell ya though, it's just as well I know how to use the pitch correction tools in Cubase 😉

  • @sw1n3flu  Feb 29

    Cheers for commenting on "Schpam" .... it was just stream of consciousness stuff 😉

  • @thefuneralcrasher  Feb 13

    Thanks for the encouragement...much appreciated 😃

  • @sbs2018 Feb 12

    Thanks for commenting on "Deja Vu." I love hearing what others notice about my music.

  • @brandondale72  Feb 11

    Thanks for such kind words on, “A Song For Sam”. Appreciate the visit and positivity.