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Influences:   I am planning to focus on songs for Easter in this year’s FAWM. Let’s play, write and listen! Music with a melody- if it can't stand on it's own acapella I won't write it. Classical, folk, pop I guess.

3 Playlists I’m creating for FAWM this year:
1. Easter themed musical in Afrikaans) Hy Leef! Paasfees

2. Easter English songs

3. Psychology songs: pathology and academis facts(music helps me remember those AND it’s homework for the subject I’m taking) Psychology 3

The Fawm playlist is all the songs bunched together...FAWM 2019

#TheCherryFarmer #TheYearOfYes
I’m a mezzosoprano who likes to sing and play everything in C(you can check) and prefers low heels except Saturdays ... and then just for ten minutes.

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I’m busy with a #SpotifyDrive😄🍒. You can support me by following the #WomanOnFire playlist please! Thank you🍒

See you on the other side of February!

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  • @coolparadiso  4 days

    off on tour a fair bit . so will be a few lyrics around! cant have a fawm without a collab with you! 😀