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San Diego, US   Feb 2008  

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Influences:   Oldies, Classical, Blues, Gospel, Contemporary Christian, Flamenco, Carole King, James Taylor, Ed Sheeran

2019 We moved to San Diego and my sons scattered to other pllaces. Meanwhile, I am playing gigs with my daughter and our band Nightbloom. Too busy last year, but hope to do the 14 this year.
2017 My 10th year? Fawm said I started 2008..will have to check my old notebooks. Technology has so advanced since then..but the inspiration to write comes from the same places..from within and from heaven..Hope to use more technology to get the audios up this year. Why am I so afraid of recording (when we do regular gigs where I am behind a mic)? Ha. Anyway, aloha from Hawaii...don't know how much longer we can last here in this economy. And I am watching you, old Fawmer friends...

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