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Influences:   Jimmy Buffet is one of only 8 authors to become number 1 on the New York Times Best Seller List for BOTH Fiction and Non-Fiction.

FAWM 2020

I'm getting a late start, but I'm back. Just enough free time for a few songs, but I'll be listening.

FAWM 2017

This is going to be a relaxed year for me. I don't have any special goals or projects in the works, so I hope to be able to listen in to my fav FAWMers, and maybe meet some new ones. As a writer, my contribution has always been lyrics. If you need words for your music, let me know, as I am switching gears from creating companion songs for my prose (essays, short stories, novels, and memoir), to helping others on your projects.

Cheers, Mark

FAWM 2016

Welcome FAWM friends. I think this is my 7th or 8th year (Debs will let me know for sure, she counts better than I do). I do know this is my second Leap FAWM. Onward to 14 ½!

Thanks to so many of you who brought the 41 original companion songs to life for my memoir: 13,760 Feet—My Personal Hole in the Sky. That 348-page book is out on Amazon in print and Kindle formats, and the 15-hour audiobook (with snippets from the companion songs infused into the story) is available on All 41 original songs are also on my website:

This year I am collaborating on songs to accompany my upcoming articles in Airways magazine. I usually tie my lyrics into some form of short story, essay, or article when I can.

I also plan to listen to the FAWM jukebox well past February, so be sure to mark your favorites so I can find them.

Cheers, Mark

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#1 Shannon's Valentine Song @mattpierce  7
Feb 4


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  • @dasbinky  Feb 6

    Thanks for thinking of me for the Shannon tune, Mark! Glad it looks like Matt could pick it up, I'm in a real different headspace this year... I'm not sure I could do it the justice you're looking for. Hope FAWM treats you well!

  • @zecoop  Feb 4

    Thanks Mark.... I have no idea what I'll be up for yet, so I'm just playing it by ear. Thanks for the kind words. I hate it when I know that friends understand what I am going through, and obviously I know that you do too well. 😞

  • @marklberry Feb 4

    Signing in late this year, but I'm looking forward to hearing my FAWM friends new work. I might post a few lyrics, but unlikely I'll reach 14 1/2 this year, but you never know 😉

  • @dreamscuba  Jan 29

    Good luck with FAWM 2020.