Marije 3


NL   Feb 2012

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Influences:   What happens around me

2020 is my ninth year in the FAWM community and I still love it over here! My last win was in 2015 but I always hope to share some positivity through my lyrics and comments.

I'm open to all kinds of advice and collaborations. Experimenting is the only way to learn and improve, so never be afraid to do so! You can't make mistakes when it comes to creativity.

Happy FAWMing, all of you!

Songs (3)

#1 Yūko 13
Feb 4
#2 Punisher of Souls (Part II) 7
Feb 9
#3 (Stupid) Senses @matthijs 2
Feb 13


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  • @tamsnumber4  Feb 17

    Thank you for your kind comments on my songs, "Wash Me Clean" and "Insecure"!

  • @mikkojuhani Feb 11

    Hey! Thanks for the message. Funny timing. I was just going through some old FAWM demos, started to get the itch, and came to see what's up. Guess I'm in again, even if not 100% this time.

  • @arthurrossi Feb 10

    Hello! Thanks so much for your wonderful and that profound comment! I was very happy to read it!

  • @barbara  Feb 10

    Hello, Marije! Thank you for the song comment. It’s good to see you’re back again this year!

  • @musicsongwriter  Feb 9

    Thank you so much Marije for your kind comments.

  • @erichu Feb 9

    Champ, heel veel succes dit jaar! Komt er dan eindelijk weer een collab? :')

  • @tsunamidaily  Feb 8

    thank you for commenting on santo cello. i'm doing a whole series of experimental instrumentals based around my rudimentary cello skills.
    hope your FAWM is all you hope it to be!

  • @wolfkier Feb 7

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my first. Came looking for more from you. Looking high, looking low, can't see one. Soon, I hope. Big hugs, my friend.

  • @faststrings Feb 5

    Hey Marijequerida, thanks for your comment on my song "Buying The Book" I appreciate it.

  • @lanasolyluna Feb 5

    Thank you so much! Glad that the theme resonated with you!

  • @ferry0123  Feb 5

    Dank je voor je reactie op mijn eerste fawm nummer van 2020! Succes met schrijven en veel plezier (hier) deze februari 😀

  • @musicsongwriter  Feb 4

    Hello Marije, thank you for your warm comment on Add. So glad you like it. It was fun to take up the challenge. Have a great FAWM.
    Nadia ~

  • @blackrose1313 Feb 4

    Thank you for commenting on my song!

  • @robs  Jan 31


  • @matthijs Jan 28


  • @tamsnumber4  Jan 23

    So happy to see you will be back!! Happy FAWM!!!

  • @meadows  Jan 22

    Hey @marijequerida ! Yes, I'm readier than ever. And I hope I can keep track with my personal goals this year. 😉

    Are you interested in collaborating this year?

  • @tsunamidaily  Jan 14

    have the best FAWM this year!