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US   Jan 2017

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  • @spinhead 6 days

    Ah, thanks for the love for Matild. BTW you can always find the challenges from the forum pages, on the left side, a link that says something about challenges.

  • @radiobenedetto  1 week

    Thx for giving Carousel a spin! I appreciate the kind words.

  • @emkaydeebee  1 week

    Hey, Thanks for your comment on my Trigger You punky number yesterday! You asked how Iโ€™d recorded it - I figured this might be most useful?...

  • @berni1954  1 week

    Glad you liked my "Cheesy Little Keyboard" - believe it or not the breaks between lines were performed using what Yamaha claimed was "Electric Guitar" ๐Ÿ˜

  • @dugganensis  1 week

    Yeah Tonetta's rad, perhaps even genius. Start digging and it can become quite a rabbit hole... (a creepy, filthy rabbit hole).

  • @dzdandcunfsd  1 week

    Thanks! and yeah I had a bit of breakdown yelling at this blasted place when felt the first earthquake that was substantial enough to do some damage.......Really? we need earthquakes here too? ๐Ÿคฃ Glad nobody was filming that rant haha. I've just been back here for about a year.......nothings changed ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • @coolparadiso  1 week

    thx for your comment - yes that Gm Cm D7 Gm was fun! not sure about the chorus progression i think that can be better!

  • @theodamus  2 weeks

    Thank you so much for your lovely and thoughtful comment on Donโ€™t Look Down <3

  • @arthurrossi 2 weeks

    The download worked! ๐Ÿ˜€ Thank you so much!

  • @dutch1967  3 weeks

    Hey! thanks for stopping by and commenting on Obi Juan. Yes I do all my own harmonies. Good to hear, especially from you, this is a fun song. I was just forking around with it, the way I sometimes do to get out of a particular rut.

  • @arthurrossi 3 weeks

    I would like to thank you very, very much for bringing "Stuck again" to life in such an amazing way! The tune is absolutely infectiously catchy, I LOVE it! I am fascinated at how you always manage to create that attractive and memorable melodies. Great performance as well... May I ask you for a favour? Could you, please, make the song downloadable or send me an mp3 on my email address, which is
    ? Once again, thanks soooooo much for this gorgeous song!

  • @arthurrossi 3 weeks

    Hey! It is great to see you here again! Thanks so much for your generous comment on "Stuck again"! I would look very forward to it... Please, let me know if you like me to add you as collaborator or re-post the eventual song if you prefer... Thanks for giving it a try!

  • @jodv 3 weeks

    Thanks for listening to Wait For Light. Iโ€™ve dug your stuff for years, so Iโ€™m always appreciative of your input. 90s radio is probably the biggest piece of my influence pie chart, so no surprises there ๐Ÿ˜

  • @yam655  3 weeks

    The thing about CallMeKevin is that he's really bad at playing video games, but he never lets that stop him from having fun.

  • @dugganensis  4 weeks

    I'm thrilled you're back this year. Thanks for your comment on "Strangest Future." It's indeed the AI drummer. This latest Garageband has a bunch of kits, drummer profiles (with proper names) to choose from. My drummer's name is "Ian." He's not as customizable as I'd like, but works wonderfully for demos and FAWMing.

  • @scubed  4 weeks

    Thanks so much for your kind comment on โ€œIf We Lived on the Moonโ€!

  • @dutch1967  4 weeks

    Thanks for stopping by Plague-gerism. The words you're referring to can only be heard when playing the song in reverse. If ot to say backwards.