Madeline Wright 14


Los Angele US   Jan 2006  

Artist Bio

Influences:   eisley, sucre, ivy, cat stevens, reverie sound revue, ben folds, the weepies, sister rosetta tharpe, punch brothers

Madeline has been playing musical instruments and singing since she was a kid. Her first instruments were the xylophone and kazoo. She later moved to the piano at the age of 7. At 15, she received her first guitar and has been playing one and writing music since. Her sound is honest and her style is unique. In 2021 she's attempting to write 14 guitar/voice songs in February.

Last year she wrote 14 songs and recorded 6, which you can hear on the Soundcloud link above.

Many of these new songs will be either posted lyrics only until 14 lyrics are posted, as a note to self that the point of the challenge is to write new music and not to record and produce a finished album by end of the month. With all the time I save not producing entire tracks, I can listen to and comment on a lot more of your songs this year. All this to say, I hope you have fun being musically creative and that you write something that you love! ^-^

I will try to post demos as I record them.


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  • @roddy  Feb 23

    Thanks for you comment on my piano tune. Looking forward to reading more of your lyrics.