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Influences:   Beatles, Bob Dylan, bossa nova, Coltrane, VU, reggea, Bjork, Huun-huur-tu, music hall, Аквариум, astrology, non-Hollywood cinema, cicadas, cyberpunk, Walt Whitman, Pelevin, Cohen, Coen, Monty Python, Gertrude Stein, Brecht, Mayakovsky, Bulgakov, green tea, Daoism, cut-up poetry, John Cage, Lisbon, Joyce, Kathmandu, Iggy Pop, Duchamp, Kraftwerk, free-jazz, et al.

oh, yeah 5th time around!

I still mainly play guitar and sing and hum. I will most likely also play bass, mandolin and keyboards 😀)

Happy to collaborate with anyone who feels like it.

Can do lyrics,
can do music
sometimes both
as they come!

Happy 20 20-ies!

---- last year
4th year around!
I'll be doing mostly acoustic takes and probably some others 😀)

Open for all kinds of collabs, challenges, Chinese New Ears, etc.

I mainly play guitar, but also some mandolin, bass and if time and space permit whatever I find soundable.

I can also carry tunes of my and some others' making.

Wish everyone a delightful and prolific February!

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