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Influences:   Tim O’Brien, Stevie Wonder, Randy Newman, Tom Lehrer, Aretha Franklin, Lucinda Williams, Jonatha Brooke, Dar Williams, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Tin Pan Alley Era music, ‘70s music, Celtic, Blues, Swing Jazz, American Songbook...

Liz Brinker, from poetically-named Rockville, MD, and, originally, Oklahoma, has been musically involved since day one. Dance came first, closely followed by choirs of all manner and music theater through young adulthood. While single and lonely, she bought her first guitar at The House Of Musical Traditions in Takoma Park, MD and immediately embarked on a decades-long love affair...until she met the ukulele. “Where have you been all my life?”, she asked. The instrument answered, “My dog has fleas.” They are living happily ever after. After a 16-year stint teaching early-childhood music classes for Music Together, Liz teaches guitar, mandolin and, primarily, ukulele from home, when she is not making Acapella videos like a madwoman.


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  • @wolfkier just now

    3 more it is then, at your leisure!
    My pleasure completely.

  • @wylddandelyon 9 hours

    I love autoharp! I get a very nice bell-like sound for Bells of Norwich too. 😀 I'm glad you didn't wait for me to suggest a song for #tit4tat, and just forged forward. I actually like all of mine, even the first one, which I doubt I'll ever set to music, since I'd rather sing more hopeful things as a rule. If you stop by again, pic, whatever song you want.

  • @nahlej381  9 hours

    Another thing I like to do with shakers is x/y mic placement with 2 pencil condenser mics and hard pan each and move the shaker rhythmically between the two polar pattern so you get a stereo shaker moving between left and right opposed to top and bottom ears I suppose lol but I was being lazy on this recording and didn’t wanna set up new mics!

  • @carleybaer  10 hours

    Yassss #tit4tat let’s do it!!

  • @nahlej381  11 hours

    It was just a Dunlop egg shaker I tracked twice to make it sound bigger and I used a condenser mic to bring it out a bit more since the the recording isn’t super busy

  • @hbusse  14 hours

    Thanks for the post on my wall, Liz! Some of my personal favorites from this month were probably Into Your Eyes, My Dear Heart, Sleepy Eyes, and Minute. But you could also listen to some of the less-listened-to ones, the 2nd half of the month seemed to taper off on the comments a bit... thanks for the offer to listen and comment!

    CONGRATS on your FAWM win! 😀

  • @kathym  14 hours

    Hi, Liz ... I'm in for tit4tat. I have been busy with a few extra things for the past few days, so I haven't had the chance to check in. Part of my ta-da list for tonight was to check in and do a bunch of listening. 😀

  • @ferry0123 18 hours

    Thanks mucho for your kind comment on 'Identification'. #tit4tat Privacy and (personal) freedom are important issues. I hope both will turn out for the better.

  • @kenmattsson  22 hours

    Start with Embrace Good Superpowers, Wish I Knew How to Break Through, and The Boy and The Sentinel. That was my last one. Feel free to give some constructive criticism too. I'm feeling good about it, but everything in FAWM is a first draft.

  • @ayehahmur  1 day

    Thanks, Liz!

  • @wolfkier 1 day

    😀 😀 😀 Yes, that's a marimba synth sound.

  • @fearlessflight2014  1 day

    Introverts unite!.... actually maybe not. We’re fine on our own. 😀 😂

  • @tseaver  2 days

    I've e-mailed you the chart for "The Corner of Might and Should."

  • @mikeskliar  2 days

    thanks! whatever grabs ya in terms of titles, i guess the ones i've marked favorites i think might be 'better' but, whatever ya want to listen to, go for it 😀


  • @wobbiewobbit  2 days

    hi caught a couple of your collabs with richaaaay. really nice. congratulations on your win, i will come back for more!

  • @kenmattsson  2 days

    Liz, thanks for taking note of my little Ukulele Etude. I would kill to have your playing chops!

  • @wolfkier 2 days

    You're welcome, it was my pleasure to hear, and thanks for your reply. Nice, that's why it's so up close and personal, which is what I was hinting to Rich about his own vocal stuff.

  • @tukayandryan  3 days

    Thank you for you lovely feedback on 'Chances'. Looking forward to checking out more of your songs this week 😀

  • @fearlessflight2014  3 days

    Thanks for stopping by my page and your lovely comment. So nice of you to take the time! 😀.

  • @leka 3 days

    Thanks for listening. In finnish music slang ”legos” mean ”teeth”. But we can choose the Colosseum, because I guess it would be cheaper.

  • @tseaver  3 days

    Thanks for the listen / comment on my song, "the Corner of Right and Should." I can make the tracks available if you'd like to use them for a cover.

  • @davidtaro  3 days

    Liz, thanks so much for those comments, you’re a star! I actually came back for another listen on Marco? - 100% one of my favourites this FAWM, beautiful song ❤️

  • @berni1954  3 days

    Glad you liked "The Person You Are Now" - The song works well... But did you notice the silly message hidden in the first letters of each line (it was for the "Your Name" Challenge.

  • @berni1954  3 days

    Glad you liked my "It Was A Test". I thrive on Skirmishes. The deadline seems to bring out the best in me. The adrenaline rush seems to access hidden depths of my sub-conscious that songs I write over several hours/days/weeks don't. Inspiration seems to come out of nowhere and once I commit to the idea, I just have to complete it come hell or high water. It is a throw back to my days writing songs for an improvisation based theatre company, perhaps.

  • @ericdistad  4 days

    Thank you for your kind comments and soundboard message. You are definitely not a slacker! You hit a homerun on your first year of FAWM! Congrats in hitting 15!

  • @colgoo 4 days

    I’ve enjoyed your music all month, Liz. Hope to see you back again next year!

  • @mandolinda  4 days

    A am not a Lone Night Owl. However, I am an early bird.Maybe I am afraid of the darkness, still.

  • @oaksnprairie  5 days

    Congratulations to you, too. It’s been a great Fawm. I hope to hear you next year, too.

  • @pvk2020  5 days

    Thanks. I am honored by your comment.

  • @pvk2020  5 days

    love your music

  • @colgoo 5 days

    Congratulations on winning FAWM, and thank you so much for listening to my songs!

  • @davidtaro  5 days

    Hey Liz. So that chord progression... if anyone's ignorant here it's me. I just had to look up one of the chords! It's basically...

    Bb D7 Eb7 Edim7*
    Bb G7 Cm7 F Bb Eb Bb

    Although the way my friend taught it to me you repeat the Bb G7 Cm7 F bit rather than do what I do at the end.

    It's a really nice one, anyways 😀

    *I think that's what it is.

  • @tunecat  1 week

    Thanks for the messages on my soundboard - I know I've posted 50 times but this year I've included a lot of one-takers, as well as lyrics only, and poems that probably aren't songs.. so it's an illusion!! I was just trying to get a lot out of this FAWM and move forward after a long break and remind myself what I do and how to do it... as well as having fun with a couple of new things.. I've downloaded the cappella app.. it looks interesting (maybe pay the subscription!!) I ended up paying for songcraft cause its good, and soundtrap - but partly because I'm starting a youth- project which will involve others singing, talking, or playing on tracks.

  • @davidtaro  1 week

    Thanks for the kind comments Liz! Ooooh, and is that another @richaaaay collab? Don't mind if I do... 😀

  • @oaksnprairie  1 week

    Oh yes, Tin Pan Alley and other gems from the past--love it all. There is something strangely satisfying about snow shoveling (although despite his entreaties, I'm not going to NH to do it for @richaaaay). Not so much ironing. I don't mind it as a necessary part of quilt making, but I object to things with collars and sleeves.

  • @oaksnprairie  1 week

    Thank you for your appreciation of my song and notes. I almost wrote more directly about how the song was linked to our current situation, but then deleted it, hoping that readers/listeners would get it on their own. Thank you for being that understanding listener!

  • @dannen 1 week

    Thanks for listening to my Right Posh Gent. The wife is my husband's favorite part also. I'm working on a new Acapella video where my husband sings the lead.

  • @miga  1 week

    thanks for listening, @lizbrinker!

  • @ayehahmur  1 week

    You're welcome, Liz! You're a great partnership.

  • @dzdandcunfsd  1 week

    Have lived all over, but up near the panhandle door to the middle of nowhere really, LOL

  • @colgoo 1 week

    As my friend in Portland, Oregon sometimes says when she misses out on something we are doing here in Boston, “I’ll be right over!” I look forward to hearing you sing that takeout menu. 🥰🤣

  • @berni1954  1 week

    " Is this a normal FAWM output for you?"
    Nope. I made the cut the first couple of years, but last year I did 32 and this year I am on course for 40odd. It's the challenges and the skirmishes that take my tally up so high. I love being directed to write something. That's how I work best, from prompts. I don't give myself enough when I am on my own.

  • @plushbaby  1 week

    Yep, I spotted the references, v nice work!

  • @ozcompr  1 week

    Thanks for listening to All as One and the nice compliment! Glad you enjoyed it!

  • @wobbiewobbit  1 week

    thank you so much, hmmm at a guess which bit you mean it might be "i don't believe that for one minute" will check your songs later you look like you are having a productive first fawm!

  • @richaaaay  2 weeks

    You inspired me!!!

  • @colgoo 2 weeks

    I like your brain, there a part of me that fantasizes a trip down to D.C. (after vaccination!) and having a visit to one of your concerts being one of the highlights of the trip? Yes. Definitely! Keep up the great work!

  • @colgoo 2 weeks

    Thanks for the lovely comments. I do plan on returning the favor later this evening. I actually see every comment you make on my songs on my soundboard. Tagging is helpful if you are replying to someone’s comment on one of YOUR songs, rather than going to the person’s soundboard to respond to them....It took me a couple of FAWMs to figure all this stuff out, so you are ahead of me!

  • @mandolinda  2 weeks

    I am in awe of your musical productions. This is my first attempt at FAWM, and I would like to up my "game" from just recording my voice and mandolin. I uploaded Garage Band and haven't had much success trying to input anything yet (I don't have an instrumental background, I was a chorus singer in amateur theatre long ago.) But , I love the way you are playing and recording images, and then re recording and putting them on the screen simultaneously. Are you recording on your computer and then using a software program to make the split screen?

  • @kenmattsson  2 weeks

    Liz, I haven't been to the Mystic Festival but I have plenty of friends who either have or have worked at Mystic. My singing duo partner runs a shanty sing every week online and is more deeply into it than I am. I've done my fair share of shanty singing, but I've tended to do other type of English Close Harmony singing.

  • @colgoo 2 weeks

    Liz, my songs with hearts with them are my favorite ones, in case you need a jumping off point for choosing one to listen to....I am very much an amateur musician, so my songs are not nearly as polished as yours....but I am being brave and trying new things, like working GarageBand into some of my recordings.

  • @richaaaay  2 weeks

    Nice tribute to your dad. Just listened again. Good to know the context...

  • @mrtylerlarson  2 weeks

    Cheers, Liz! Thanks for your comment and kind words on 12:34 ... and here I am returning the comment at none other time than 12:34! 😉

  • @suziewithaz  2 weeks

    Send me what you got ...I’ll give it a shot
    I love Bossa!

  • @quork  2 weeks

    Hey, I love your influences. Tom Lehrer, Tim O’Brien and Louis Armstrong are long time favourites. I look forward to listening to your songs. Glad you found this place. Happy FAWMing!

  • @berni1954  2 weeks

    Left the audio untouched. Rooster is still "Le Coq" 😜

  • @colgoo 2 weeks

    Love watching you play the ukulele! You’re amazing!

  • @richaaaay  2 weeks

    I'm not sure exactly how we would have a conversation on this site but I thought I saw somewhere that the best way to communicate with someone is through their Soundboard...So here I am. For the tune The Rock, you inspired me with your shaker, so that's on one track. I have a bass guitar track, acoustic and singing together as one track then one track of electric guitar just noodling some fills. The way you play the ukulele with all those voicings there is probably not so much need for an extra track (like my guitar noodling). The main track I played was rhythmic and percussive (like you said) so I thought some light fills would thicken it up a bit. Thanks for listening. I have no idea how collaborations work but if you have any interest let me know. Doesn't seem you need much help to make awesome tunes but I'm sure I'd learn a lot in the process. No pressure...

  • @richaaaay  2 weeks

    Liz, all your songs are fantastic. I've listened to them all and will definitely listen to whatever else you post. I love how you play the ukulele too...all those pretty voicings! Totally entertaining with the videos too. I just posted a new song, maybe you'll check it out. I'm pretty new to this songwriting thing so if you have any feedback fire away! Thanks. - Rich

  • @tseaver  2 weeks

    Thanks for the listen and comment on "Wonderful Life." As for dodging a bullet: 'tisn't autobiographical: I found the original quote as a Postsecret card (

  • @feb21sundari 2 weeks

    I love the way you present your songs. I could not say wich I like most, good work.

  • @berni1954  3 weeks

    No offence taken. I must admit I did wonder whether my story had inspired that line in 23.... 😉

  • @berni1954  3 weeks

    So glad you liked my "Beginning and End" - it's the best love song I have ever written for Carmen. Congrats on your own 30 +

  • @dannen 3 weeks

    Thanks for your comment on Woodpecker's Song!

  • @mikeb 3 weeks

    Thanks for the comment on my week 2 challenge song - taking on a 'challenge' and completing it can be very rewarding and is a great songwriting development tool.

  • @nateger 3 weeks

    Hi Liz, I appreciate your comments! I enjoyed reading your bio and the way you clicked with the ukulele is how I felt picking up the guitar when I was 12. Such a heartfelt and inspiring journey 🙏😊

  • @berni1954  3 weeks

    Hi LIz - "Bossa Nova" means "New Bag". I was playing with "Boss of" (which sounds like "Bossa" in British English) and the Brazilian translation. I was saying you are the boss of that style but neither a New Bag or, heaven forfend, an old bag 😁

  • @tseaver  3 weeks

    > Who is Tom's daughter?

    I was thinking (incorrectly, as I see today) of Astrud Gilberto, wife of Tom Jobim-s musical partner, João Gilberto, and vocalist on some of their most well-lived boss songs. Somehow I had her in my brain as Jobim's daughter.

  • @mikeb 3 weeks

    You're off to a great first FAWM!

  • @dasbinky  4 weeks

    Hey there! Quick admin note: when you reply to people in your own song comments, they don't get notified. If you want to thank someone for commenting or reply to their comment, it's best to head over to their soundboard and reply there or they probably won't see it.

    Love the first tune, great start to the month. 😀

  • @berni1954  4 weeks

    The Byrds & Carole King

    I once wrote an epic six or seven minute long song expressing my hopes for the new year that had just started. I had just met a lass who I thought was going to be the love of my life. I wrote her this long song with quite a complex structure.

    I sang this in folk clubs that would politely listen to obscure, densely packed love songs and no-one ever said "Hey there's a section there that reminds me of something" - until one day a friend said: "Do you realise that second section is a direct lift from from "Going Back" by Carole King.

    Back then there was no internet so I couldn't check out the original. But then the friend reminded me it was on a Byrds album she had. She put it on her stereo and .... Oops... There it was. I had heard the song years before, but didn't recognise my unconscious plagiarism when I came to write that section.

    So I worked out a new tune for that section of the song and that's the version I have of it on Youtube.

    All that positivity I am spouting in this epic love song came to an abrupt end when, a few weeks later, her father suddenly died and she broke off her relationship with me in her grief.

  • @silviaontheukulele 4 weeks

    Good luck to you too! With all your influences, I'm sure you'll have so much to offer!

  • @dasbinky  4 weeks

    Native Rockvillian here, I was tickled to see that pop up as a location! Welcome to the fun!

  • @pumpkinhead 4 weeks

    Hi Liz.
    You have some nice influences. I look forward to hear your songs.
    Happy FAWM!

  • @pabrizzer 4 weeks

    hi liz!
    loved reading your bio!

  • @cts  4 weeks

    Happy FAWMing, Liz! Welcome aboard!

  • @amelea 4 weeks

    Happy FAWM!

  • @silviaontheukulele 4 weeks

    I have you on my watchlist!

  • @berni1954  4 weeks

    Hey Liz, great to see you here. Look forward to hearing what you produce. Love Berni (Barbablanca on the Seasons)

  • @thetau  4 weeks

    Welcome Aboard

  • @lizbrinker  4 weeks

    @aeye @tseaver @johnstaples, thanks! I’m excited and probably have no idea what I’m in for😂

  • @lizbrinker  4 weeks

    Thanks @klaus and @ukufriday!

  • @johnstaples  4 weeks

    Hiya Liz! Welcome to FAWM! Hope you have a blast!

  • @tseaver  4 weeks

    Welcome, and happy FAWMing!

  • @aeye 4 weeks

    Welcome to FAWM!

  • @klaus 4 weeks

    Welcome to Fawm!

  • @ukufriday  4 weeks

    Let’s get ready to rumble