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94565 US   Feb 2016  

Artist Bio

Influences:   Tori Amos, Radiohead, They Might Be Giants, Ani DiFranco, Muse, Mutemath, Fiona Apple, Amanda Palmer, Imogen Heap, Ben Folds

@ Little Spiral @, a.k.a. Suzanne Yada (she/her), is a piano-pop singer-songwriter who writes at the intersection of technology and heart. She mixes her indie pop, classical, blues and electronic influences with her background in poetry, media and the internet to create clever little piano pop songs for the digital age. Fans of Tori Amos, Amanda Palmer, Mary Lambert, Fiona Apple and Regina Spektor will feel right at home in the @ Little Spiral @ galaxy.

She leads songwriting workshops with creative entrepreneurs, has been the host of many a songwriting circle, co-leads a biweekly music industry meetup in Oakland, and has been a judge at the West Coast Songwriters San Francisco chapter.

Please support my Patreon for as little as $1 a month and help bring these songs into the studio!


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  • @kraftec 6 weeks

    I'd love to hear to your take on my tracks for sure. If you've got ideas for harmonies for dreamer go for it. As usual send me isolated vocals when you're finished πŸ˜€

  • @mfasize 7 weeks

    hi yeah id b intrested in some stuff really like the voice nd u can play

  • @kovbleu  7 weeks

    Thanks for taking a chance on a crazy title and listening to my germ song! hahahaha Always nice to meet another JoCo fan. πŸ˜€

  • @metalfoot  7 weeks

    Howdy! I guess we're up for random collab, round 2! πŸ˜€

  • @kraftec 7 weeks

    Hey, thanks for the comment πŸ˜€ , I've already got plans for vocals on that track but I'd love to have you on one of the other tracks I'm working on!

  • @erinkelsey3 7 weeks

    Hi Suzanne! Happy FAWMing!!

  • @smudge  8 weeks

    Hi again sorry the random collabs will be arranged for us! so please ignore my last note ! Happy FAWMING!

  • @smudge  8 weeks

    Hi @littlespiral Happy FAWM! Im part of the random collaboration group! Would you be open to a collab? Pls lmk thanks!

  • @haim 8 weeks

    Hi! Enjoy youf fawm! Can you tell me a little big about your soungwriting workshops? It sounds interesting.

  • @kraftec 8 weeks

    Hey, great to hear from you again. I'd love to collab again πŸ˜€

  • @mctown 8 weeks

    I droobled on in.

  • @quork  8 weeks

    Hey, hope you have a great FAWM 2020. I look forward to hearing your songs.

  • @lvgd09  Jan 22

    Thank you...and Happy Fawming...such fun.

  • @aesthetic72  Jan 21

    @littlespiral Hi! And thanks for the WL add. Yes, let’s have a lovely FAWM and celebrate the rain, too. πŸ˜€

  • @honeybadgerfolk Jan 20

    Hello, have a wonderful FAWM! 😁

  • @standup  Jan 18

    Hey, thanks for the note! But I must point out that I'm a Chesapeake Bay area FAWMer, not SF Bay area.

    I've enjoyed your songs in the past, and I'm pretty sure you're on my watchlist, so I'll be listening.