Lysistratocaster 4


Washington US   Feb 2017  

Artist Bio

Influences:   I’m a recovering old working class punk goth with Celtic hillbilly roots. So I get influence from Hank Williams and Patsy Cline all the way to the Misfits, the Clash, The Pogues, and through the Cure, Cocteau Twins, Mary Timony...and newer bands like Minor Victories and Hammered Hulls.

Solo-stuff is under: lysistratocaster, Lishie Comiskey, and The Baseline Sway.

I work full time, I parent full time. I am tired.

I mostly play music in the Washington D.C. and Baltimore areas.

My old bands are Comiskey Players (Philly) and Brennan's Revenge (Cleveland).

I play a lot of instruments, but I’m not very good at any of them 😀 - guitar, bass, mandolin, woodwinds, etc.

In DC, I play in a few various events such as Horsey Craze: the Neil Young Tribute, and Kikini Bill, the riot girl tribute band.

I would like to think I still rock as much as I did in my early twenties. You be the judge.

My demos aren't that loud or impressive because I don't want to wake up my son 😀
I spend about 1-2 hours on each demo I upload. I use garage band on an 2012 MacBook (glamorous mom budget that I have to spend on equipment, ha ha.)

Most of all, my life has been really weird. My mom was a grocery store cashier with a voice of an angel, my dad is a bass player/musician and former music industry P&D guy (CBS/CEMA/BMG, etc) so I grew up with singing and music all day every day. You’d think I’d be better at it, though. Life gets in the way. Stupid Maslow’s hierarchy.


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  • @owl  Feb 3

    Thank you for coming by to listen and comment! I'll swing by later on. I'm a big Vaselines fan but I've never heard Carla J Easton's solo stuff!

  • @standup  Feb 3

    Next time you're hanging around looking for stuff to listen to, check out expendable friend:

  • @aesthetic72  Feb 2

    Thank you so much your comments on When the Night Falls. That was probably one of the best comments I've had ever. You know, I've tried to adapt to the new breathy/infantile style of female vocals, but I'm far too 80s to ever pull that off. And proudly so.

  • @pfoo  Feb 2

    Hey! Glad to see you here!

  • @standup  Feb 1

    Hell yes, please do so!

  • @standup  Jan 19

    I know you're thinking about doing this -- make it happen!