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Stratford CA   Jul 2009


Artist Bio

Influences:   Numerous & numinous. I'm a tapestry of everything I've ever heard.

Queer, autistic, non-binary (xe/xer/xers), touring musician & recording artist here for my 13th FAWM.

2021 releases:

Pianoless EP https://lesliehudson.bandcamp.com/album/pianoless-ep -- 5-track demo EP of FAWM collaborations with @dasbinky @robynmackenzie @kristian and @zecoop

Hemlock Honey and Crows (Deluxe)
https://lesliehudson.bandcamp.com/album/hemlock-honey-and-crows-deluxe -- 16-track Samhain-themed double album (8 songs full mix; 8 songs solo mix) with contributions from FAWMers, filkers & friends in the US & Germany

Pity the Gelth [SINGLE]
https://lesliehudson.bandcamp.com/album/pity-the-gelth-single -- Doctor Who inspired Christmas song with longtime collaborator @sapient

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