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Cheshire GB   Jan 2007

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03/02/19 - So far I haven't even managed to find the time to pick up my guitar once.
16-21st - I'm busy with other things fwiw.

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  • @max  Mar 7

    Good question. Thanks for asking. The idea is to make it a digital chorus-only bandcamp album soon and leave it all behind me. I had fun doing what I did. No urge to make those songs more than what they are now. I already see them as my new babies.
    Next week I'm going to play three of these 'songs' live on local radio, fingers crossed the host is okay with me only playing chorusses. Ha!
    First the radio performance together with two other dutch FAWMers, then we'll see where this project goes.

  • @kovbleu  Feb 26

    Thank you so much for your comment on "Snow." And thanks for that suggestion - I totally agree with it. Having more syllables in "in spite of everything" would totally match up better with the later line about meeting Drogon. I will re-record that line as soon as I can! There are some other mixing things I wanted to fix..and eventually I want to build that last chorus up even more instrumentally. It was just getting REALLY LATE. And the end of the month is almost here. I really appreciate your listen! 😀

  • @nuj4x Jan 30

  • @max  Jan 23

    Here we go again 😀

  • @alamous Jan 21

    Haha! Thanks for the compliment! The song isn't actually written about a cat at all, I just figured that it's less cliche and also funny if the video isn't about the classic "person crying over a lost romantic love" thing 😁

  • @klaus  Jan 12

    Hi Neil. Thanks so much for commenting on "Bodies for Bucks" last September. It hit the spot and I appreciate it a lot. Cheers!