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Brussels BE   Feb 2016


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Influences:   90s grunge and britpop, 60s rock'n'roll, 70s hard rock, 20s and 30s evergreens, classical piano of all ages, 50s and 60s bebop and all that jazz.

March Update:

Thanks everybody for a great FAWM! Every year I feel richer for being here, listening, talking and making music with you.

Or maybe the buzz hasn't worn off yet.

In any case, I'll be here through March and April, discovering and commenting, and if you're here too, do say hi!

Here's to the best crowd I've come to know!


I wasted too many years waiting for inspiration. So many, in fact, that by the time I got round to FAWM, I was at a stage in my life where it could be considered irresponsible to indulge in childish pursuits such as note-stringing and word-weaving.

Last year, I finally wrote myself out of that pickle: http://bit.ly/songwritersmanifesto (in short - embrace it, study it, share it)

To think that I used to wince at motivational writing and now I was the one spewing it.

Oh well. A few decades would do that to a body. I like to think I have learned to live with my shortcomings. We'll see how long that lasts.



I look forward to collabs and the agony of sleep (read "meeting friends and wishing there were 48 hours in a day").

Let's wreak havoc, make mischief and meddle with minds!


The Soundcloud page above is a laboratory for demos and the Bandcamp page is for finished work. I've been a slow finisher forever so last year finally saw me put out an EP despite the apparent lack of production. Fly in the face of finished, as the saying goes.

On the side, I teach music theory for songwriters through practical challenges. We just did one as a warm-up for FAWM: (https://fawm.org/forums/topic/8582/)

There's even a song that came out of it. Let's say it's my Song 0 for this year:

Have a great FAWM everybody!

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