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Austin US   Dec 2017

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Influences:   dreams. space. shimmers. twinkles. melody. harmony. ebony. ivory. nylon strings. oh, people? so many. here's the short list: Joni! Cyndi! Bjork! Joanna Newsom, Kate Bush, Mary Timony,...some dudes too :): Paul & John, Thom & Jonny, Harry Nilsson, Jeff Buckley, Paul Simon, Nick Drake, Gary Frank Taylor (my pops),...

Lace, remember that you started a song during FAWM on a 20 work minute break one day and finished it while driving around the next. No time is not an excuse. Love, Lacie

UPDATE 2021 (Tue 2/16/21)
For the second half of this FAWM, I’m shifting my focus to recording. I’m SO INSPIRED BY YOU GUYS!!!! I can’t believe how many of you FAWMers post fully produced, awesome sounding songs, like daily. With effects and percussion and multiple tracks and.... It’s so badass. I want that. I’m gonna figure out a set up w/ low learning curve and practice practice practice. Chop wood, carry water. Wax on wax off. I welcome any tips for noobs/ tech-phobes. THANK YOU. ❤❤❤

Songs (5)

#1 Hey Jonny 10
Feb 3
#2 tides 10
Feb 4
#3 nvr crsd 5
Feb 14
#4 Sprout 4
Feb 14
#5 What if the Rain @dock  8
Feb 27


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  • @laytay Mar 1

    Goodbye FAWM 2021! You did not go quite like I planned. I am grieving all the responses I never wrote and all the songs I never listened to and all the comments I didn't write and all the songs I didn't write. AND there are some killer wins:
    a) I did my first collab! And I loved it.
    b) I figured out my recording setup.. por fin. Learned a lot and got a good start for joining the 21st century and for recording regularly.
    c) I got 4 songs starts that I really love. That's twice as many as I got last FAWM, and 100% more than I woulda written this month if it hadn't been for FAWM.
    d) the juices are flowing...

    Thank you. And good night.

  • @burrsettles  Feb 27

    Thanks for being a part of FAWM!

  • @ewharris  Feb 18

    Thanks for the feedback!!! So I’m a “bit” of a ñerd when it comes to DIY recording so I apologize in advance if the answer is stupidly long winded.

    As to Machine Learning (the speak and spell one) Thanks!!! The words were totally random. Difficulty setting D (I Forreal can’t reliably spell some of these words) the only edit was the start chime. The rest was just reacting to rules/education/the possibility of robot overlords 😉

    As for The Nail Beside the Door (the banjo one) Thanks again! That one is definitely among my favs this FAWM AND it’s the first thing I’ve ever written for that instrument (I literally used all the chords I could manage to play). It was recorded in a program called REAPER (which is not technically free, but is pretty much free) with a regular old dynamic mic through a usb interface. Since a banjo is so loud, I found that the trick to recording it was to get the mic going and find just the right distance so that there was a good balance between the high and low tones. After that it was just about capturing a decent performance.

    So...not as long winded as I’d feared (but not as complete as it could be). Anyway thanks again, and if you (or anyone reading this for that matter 😉 ) would like to get way in the weeds on salvage production techniques I am always available and game at

  • @tangle  Feb 16

    I'm a total cornball but thanks! I like the subconscious metaphor of the delicate singing and strong background you pointed out.

  • @dock  Feb 14

    Thanks for your enthusiastic comments. I record into GarageBand via USB so I get whatever sounds are available there. Having it all in midi allows for easy editing if I make a clinker or want to change the tempo, etc.

  • @jennakole  Feb 4

    Thanks for having a listen! It's a Taylor 714. I've tried other guitars just to have a different vibe and I just can't do it (not for under $3000 anyway). Gotta keep the strings in check so it doesn't go too churchy, Taylors definitely have that potential...

  • @crutherford  Feb 4

    Thank you for your lovely comment on Binky Binky! You made me smile.

  • @mikehex  Feb 4

    Thanks for listening to St. Anthony, glad you enjoyed it!

  • @psyt Feb 3

    Heya, you left me this note "glur. no words. this put me in a state." on my soundboard, and I'm not sure which song it was in reference too, nor what "glur" means, but I am guessing that was meant to be a compliment? So, thanks. 😝

  • @kendrakinsey  Feb 2

    ★彡super excited to hear some songs! There are songs in our brains ★彡