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Kalamazoo US   Jan 2019

Artist Bio

Influences:   If someone out there has called it "music," we've tried to learn from it.

Lavish Dude is @seanbrennan and @deadhead (Andrew Russell). In their own words:

@seanbrennan: "I won't promise much. There will definitely be rhythms, and there will probably be notes. The rest is a mystery."

@deadhead: "I like shorts! They're comfy and easy to wear!" [Ed. Note: This may have been ghost-written by Sean until Andrew logs in to supply his own quote. [Ed. Note of Ed. Note: This about sums up what I would've said anyways, so I'll leave it.] ]

Lavish Dude's entire output was produced between February 8 and February 10. Check the lads' individual accounts for bonus content the rest of the month! (This is incredibly unlikely from @seanbrennan.)

11 tracks completed in 36 hours!! You can download the entire album, complete with track numbers, at the following link:

If you enjoy doing that sort of thing manually, here is our track order:

1) Falling Down
2) Escape
3) I'm Back
4) Ulterior Motives
5) Precious Bean
6) Lost at Sea
7) In My Way
8) It Was You
9) Getting Out of a Funk
10) Lifting Me Away

Bonus) Universal Serial Blues

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