lavishdude 11


Sarnia CA   Jan 2019

Artist Bio

Influences:   If someone out there has called it "music," we've tried to learn from it.

Lavish Dude is @deadhead (Andrew Russell) and @seanbrennan (Sean Brennan).

Lavish Dude's first FAWM effort was entirely written, recorded, and produced between February 8 and February 10 of 2019. You can download the entire album at the following link:

2021 is in the books. Sean had a major case of writer's block, but Andrew was prolific! For those who like listening in order, the tracks are:

1) Eye Opener
2) Seasonal Lies
3) Can't Count
4) Frozen Lake
5) Whisper of the Streets
6) Succession
7) Personal Pagliacci
8) Rose Garden
9) Cracked Aces
10) Forget What You Mean
11) Telephone

Download the full album here:


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  • @timfatchen  Feb 5

    I tried plan A. Also B, C D, E right through to Z and on to double letters and have given up. This is not a good time for any of us, and any plan can only be an improvisation as the world keeps shifting under us.