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Taunton, GB   Dec 2016  

Artist Bio

Influences:   I love any kind of music, I find inspiration and influence all around me

An award winning lyricist, who plays guitar and produces! I have written with multi-platinum songwriters, in many genres, I love to collaborate!

I'm from the UK, but live in Italy and this year, I'm moving to Portugal, so if international songwriting is for you!!

Songs (31)

#1 Love Lorn 3
Feb 1
#2 So Sorry Sarah 1
Feb 2
#3 Under My Hat 3
Feb 2
#4 Carmelita 1
Feb 3
#5 Was It Me 2
Feb 4
#6 The Threads We Have Sewn 2
Feb 5
#7 Restless 2
Feb 6
#8 Dark Side of Love 3
Feb 7
#9 I Haven't Got a Clue 3
Feb 8
#10 The Night is Long 2
Feb 9
#11 Feeling Broken 1
Feb 10
#12 Walking With You 2
Feb 10
#13 Tired of this life (the ballad of Sarah-Anne and Roberto) 1
Feb 11
#14 The Right Thing Wrong 1
Feb 12
#15 Jesus at the Traffic Lights 1
Feb 13
#16 Just Stunning 1
Feb 14
#17 This is not Consent 1
Feb 15
#18 A Way to Die 2
Feb 15
#19 Restless 2
Feb 16
#20 Apollo and Luna 2
Feb 17
#21 Butterflies 3
Feb 18
#22 For the Love 1
Feb 19
#23 For the Love @marthie 5
Feb 19
#24 Priests and Prayers 1
Feb 20
#25 The threads we have sewn @marthie 5
Feb 21
#26 We're All Mirrors 1
Feb 22
#27 Your Love Ignites My Fire 1
Feb 23
#28 Piano and Alcohol 1
Feb 24
#29 Your Name Is Love 1
Feb 24
#30 Stanley (In Memorium) 1
Feb 25
#31 I Did My Ironing Before I Met You 1
Feb 26


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  • @aneil Mar 1

    Well done! My demo for My names Simon is up! Hope travels were safe and productive

  • @paulharrison  Feb 26

    Hi Larry. Thanks for all your efforts to share the lyrics...sorry it was a challenge. I did find them in my email just before you posted them on my soundboard. Anyway, I played with them a bit musically and couldn't readily blend them well with the ditty I had written...phrasing and "feel." I think both are good...the lyrics and the music....but I'm not sure they are a match. If you still do, maybe you could record a simple draft version to illustrate. Otherwise, I'd rather look at other possibilities for meshing something you've written with some so-far-wordless effort of mine. I'll have a look and give you a shout if I have something to propose.

  • @paulharrison  Feb 25

    Hi Larry. I'm still curious about your "Emerald Queen" lyrics if you're up for sharing them. Thanks. Btw, I'm impressed with your prolific efforts...congrats! If that productivity comes in a bottle, please tell me where I can get some.

  • @mikeb Feb 24

    Thanks for the listen and comment on 'Big Old World'!

  • @donna  Feb 23

    Intrigued to see that you're moving to Portugal. I spent 10 days there in January, and returned home (I live in the Netherlands) with the firm intention of going back to Lisbon/Porto, maybe for 4-8 weeks.

    Lucky you, actually moving there. 😉

  • @joefahey  Feb 23

    LOL, all ove the globe, I like that. Thank you for the compliment on the song.

  • @haim  Feb 22

    My pleasure man. Great work.. Your fawm is blossoming!

  • @aneil Feb 22

    Thx for going through my songs with such care. I have just released my first album if you feel like reviewing it for me I'd appreciate your input

  • @marthie Feb 21 I tried something

  • @marthie Feb 19

    well I'm from South Africa and I am also Canadian...

  • @marthie Feb 19

    I tried something: For the love...

  • @lain Feb 18

    Larry just have Seen you now! Cool you Are Here! Its my First FAWM, Haim Pulled me in and I am so happy about it!
    Need to listen to your Songs! You Are way over the 14 Songs, Great! 😀

  • @mikkojuhani Feb 18

    Thank you for the comments!

  • @paulharrison  Feb 16

    Hi Larry. Re: sending your lyrics, you could email to, post on your song list here, or embed them in a message (or two if necessary) on my "soundboard" -- whichever way you prefer. Looking forward to seeing them.

  • @paulharrison  Feb 15

    Hi Larry. Yes, I'd love to see what lyrics you have in mind for my mandolin piece. Thanks.

  • @candle  Feb 13

    Thank you for the great comment on Venusian Lust. I'd love to get my hand on some MIDI controlled lights for when I play live. I think I'd really enjoy one of your friend's gigs. Thanks for listening!

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @majordanby  Feb 13

    Cheers man. Lighthouse Keeper is normal tuning on capo 1. I have used open barres to make it sound like alternate tuning though.
    I tried some soundscaping funnily enough but couldn’t get it to work so I thought I’d let my friend, Tanya do what she does with her violin instead.
    I’ll chevk out your stuff later

  • @haim  Feb 13

    Oh... I got you, listened to itt, it's powerful and sounds like you had fun! Congrats on finishing 14 songs!

  • @mishykatz  Feb 11

    Thank you for the listen on "Givin the Devil His Due" I was kinda playing around with different personal challenges...rhyme wise and 'going' for that scheme on purpose, but the song might benefit from the change, I may try something like you suggested!

  • @jibbidy34  Feb 7

    Helllloooooo!!! So glad you’ve joined us! I’ll be checking out your songs very soon 😊😊

  • @feeslip58  Feb 3

    Thank you Larry for the nice words about my first tune.looking forward to checking out your lyrics.

  • @factorytale Feb 3

    I'm probably not gonna work on it for some time, as I don't know if I'm gonna use it for anything. Just a song for this day.

  • @dragondreams  Feb 3

    Hi Larry. 😀
    Thank you for the kind words, and the offer. Please feel free, if the mood takes you. I'm sure we'll be able to find a singer to go along with your words. And I'm happy to tweak the arrangement to better suit a song structure. I'm also wanting to drop some sort of bridge/middle eight in there too. 😀

  • @factorytale Feb 3

    You're right about tempo, problem is I just made the song, and I need to practise more to raise the speed. But thank you very much <3

  • @haim  Feb 3

    Haha, I'll write a note for the next time I wanna clear out a room haha! Great So I'll be checking all your songs sooner or later. Have a great fawm, and about the object writing, I don't know if I should post since it's fawm, I'll see how things go, maybe a post per week or something.

  • @haim  Feb 3

    Hi Larry, do you also sing? By the way, I'm not having a mistake right? You are the Larry from Object Writing Facebook group? haha...

  • @ajna1960 Feb 2

    Hi from a fellow lyricist !
    I am also born n bred in England (Somerset too), but live in Ireland. Having said that I am in Somerset at the moment visiting 😀
    Happy FAWM !

  • @thetau  Jan 31

    Cool... Taunton, is that in the UK?
    Russ 😀

  • @haim  Jan 29

    Hi Larry! Have a happy fawm!

  • @nuj4x Jan 25

    Congratulations on that success! That's awesome!