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Cascais PT   Dec 2016  

Artist Bio

Influences:   I love any kind of music, I find inspiration and influence all around me

An award winning lyricist, who plays guitar and produces! I have written with multi-platinum songwriters, in many genres, I love to collaborate!

I'm from the UK, I've lived in the Netherlands, Italy for 9 years and now I have moved to near Lisbon in Portugal, so if international songwriting is for you!!

And these are my artist pages!

Soundcloud is here

Spotify is here


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  • @haim  Feb 6

    Go for it why not to upload? your singing is that bad?

  • @nahlej381  Feb 2

    thanks for listening and sharing some kind words!

  • @cairobraga  Feb 1

    yay, Larry, my only "immediate neighbour" this FAWM! let's have a great one, shall we?

  • @larryw Feb 1

    Looking forward to this years FAWM - lot of ideas bubbling away, I think there will be some incredible songs from everyone - let's do this.

  • @haim  Jan 31

    Have a happy Fawm! Remember those days of "Writing Better" group on Facebook, these were good times.